How to prevent acne & pimples

When you go to work, do you also think that if you have time to rest at home, you must go to bed early, get up early, exercise and lose weight, cook well, soak a pot of hot tea, read a few books, and realize your own peace and good years. But the reality is cruel, and it is estimated that you are too. Although you are bored to crack countless WeChat games at home, you haven’t opened a book. Even the girls who vowed to never stay up late when they have time to rest, except for eating and sleeping every day, are completely disordered. In addition to growing flesh on their bodies, they also have acne on their faces.

Even if you honestly go to bed early, get up early, and eat lightly, it may still come out unexpectedly. It really means “acne has afflicted me thousands of times, and I treat acne like first love.” In fact, acne has nothing to do with the season, age, and gender. As long as the skin’s sebaceous glands and barrier function go wrong, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, men, women, and children are not immune.

So, why did these stubborn acne choose you? How can we kill this grinning little fairy? Before you start, remind everyone that you must hold back your acne! Don’t squeeze acne! Why do you get acne? Many people have a large number of acne on their faces after puberty, because the level of androgens in the body, especially testosterone, rises rapidly, which promotes the development of sebaceous glands and produces a large amount of sebum, which has a protective and moisturizing effect on the skin. But too much sebum can cause seborrheic dermatitis, acne, acne, acne, dandruff all come, sebum secretion on the face is strong, the pores are not metabolized, and the pores are blocked as a result.

There is also a situation where there are mites on the face. The excrement of mites and mites clogs the pores, which will cause acne on the face. In addition, diet, mood, skin care, environment, and drugs may also become acne-causing factors. If your acne continues to increase, you have more than 10 acne on your entire face, or have obvious redness and inflammation, you must see a professional dermatologist as soon as possible.

So, what do you usually do to make acne less? The following considerations are required:

Three diet taboos: sweets, fried foods and milk

Desserts often contain a lot of sugar, butter and other ingredients. If you eat too much, you will not only gain weight, but also make your skin greasy and acne-prone. What’s more frightening is that sugar that cannot be metabolized will also form a glycation reaction and become the culprit of skin aging. Therefore, whether you want to fight acne or fight aging, you must eat less sweets. There are more saturated fatty acids in fried foods, which will promote the human body’s inflammatory response and easily cause acne. The acne caused by milk varies from person to person. If you have a acne-prone skin or have repeated acne, it is recommended not to drink milk or drink less. Natural hormones or other biologically active molecules in milk can aggravate acne. If you have to drink it, choose whole milk first and avoid low-fat and skimmed milk. If you have normal skin and don’t have acne problems, don’t worry too much.

Clean up

Cleansing is an important step in skin care, so choose a cleansing product that suits your skin type. Otherwise, it will cause the skin’s water and oil imbalance, damage the barrier, and cause acne and mouth closure. If you have dry skin, it is recommended to choose amino acid cleansers. Weakly acidic amino acid cleansing, the PH value is close to human skin, so it is gentle and skin-friendly, and it will not feel tight after washing.

The skin is prone to oil, and it is accompanied by problems such as pores and blackheads. Soap-based or complex formula cleansing is a good choice. Especially the compound cleansing, combining the advantages of soap base and amino acid cleansing, cleans the skin at the same time, it is not easy to cause dry skin.

In addition to cleansing, makeup removal is also an important part. If you often wear heavy makeup, it is recommended to use a makeup remover or a makeup remover with a high oil ratio to dissolve the makeup. If it is only for light makeup or sun protection and isolation, use makeup remover products to remove makeup.

Don’t hydrate unlimitedly

Many facial mask advertisements suggest that after developing acne, apply a mask or moisturize to improve acne marks. We would like to say that this is wrong. Teacher He reminded that applying a facial mask every day will cause excessive skin hydration, but will increase the excessive shedding of skin stratum corneum cells, thereby aggravating the appearance of acne and acne. So friends with acne, do not apply the mask every day, just apply it up to 2 to 3 times a week.

Use some acne products

What should I do if my acne keeps getting bad again and again? For occasional red inflammatory acne, skin care products containing salicylic acid or azelaic acid can be applied locally twice a day to promote the disappearance of the rash. If there are many acne on the chin, forehead or nose, and it is easy to get acne recurring, you can also consider using some creams containing salicylic acid or retinol. Repeated attacks of acne.

Adhere to moisturizing and sun care during acne recovery

After the acne grows, there will be some marks of acne during the recovery process. Generally speaking, a mature acne will complete the process of acne scars disappearing by itself. But we can also do something to speed up to say goodbye to them. First of all, remember to adhere to daily moisturizing care, which will help promote the normal replacement and repair of the skin. In addition, sticking to sun protection can reduce the secretion of melanin particles in pigment cells, thereby reducing the existence of dark acne marks.

Finally, if you have acne occasionally, adjust your work and rest during this time, drink plenty of water, eat lightly, and pair with acne products that are suitable for you. Acne will heal soon. For those who have long-term acne, I want to cheer you up here. At present, we have not seen those who use the correct way to treat acne but are not good. We have only seen those who give up treatment and continue to complain about acne muscle trouble. Therefore, believe Perseverance and carefulness is victory. Your face can be super smooth.