How to draw a pair of beautiful eyebrows

Novices often cannot grasp the length and shape of eyebrows that suit their face when drawing eyebrows. Asymmetry of eyebrows is a big trouble for eyebrows! The following is an introduction to the super basic “universal eyebrow” drawing method for makeup artists. Even novices can draw neat and symmetrical eyebrows like misty eyebrows in seconds.

Why are star eyebrows so natural?

Every time I look at Han Xing’s drawing of one-word eyebrows, I always feel that they are just one-word eyebrows. Why do people’s eyebrows look so beautiful? Of course, in addition to the difference in the face, the main reason is actually because even when the eyebrows are flatter than flat eyebrows, they still pay attention to the three points of the brow, the end of the eyebrow, and the peak of the eyebrow! The flat eyebrow drawn in this way will have a little curvature, which is closer to a natural arched eyebrow than a normal super flat eyebrow. Different face shapes can be controlled without being rigid.

Three-point positioning of brow, brow peak and brow tail

Novices want to have good-looking eyebrows, the most important first point is the positioning of the eyebrows. First, draw three points equally on the wing of the nose. The first point of the nose connects the center of the eyeball and extends to the eyebrows, which is the position of the brow peak. The second point in the center of the nose extends vertically upward and is the fixed point of the brow. Finally, the third point on the outermost side of the nose connects the tail of the eye and extends upward, which is the position of the eyebrow!

Outline eyebrow frame + hair flow

After positioning the eyebrows, first take out the eyebrow pencil and connect the three points of the eyebrow, the peak of the eyebrow, and the tail of the eyebrow that have just been positioned to outline the eyebrow frame. And use the tip of the eyebrow pencil to gently draw the hair flow from the brow to the end of the brow. If the novice is not familiar with hair flow, you can use eyebrow powder to fill in the eyebrows, so that the eyebrows will look more natural!

Eyebrow brush smudges the brow

After roughly filling the eyebrows, use the eyebrow comb to blend the color of the eyebrows! This step can make the overall eyebrows look more natural and the brows are not rigid. If the novice is not good enough to grasp the shape of the eyebrows, you can smudge the eyebrows with a Z-shape. This way the borders of the brows will look better, and there will be no crayon new brows!

Mascara primer to comb hair flow

Finally, match the mascara primer to make the hair flow on the brows more obvious! This will have a natural and beautiful wild eyebrow feel. Novices recommend not to use mascara at this step, because the amount of mascara is difficult to grasp and it is easy to cause clumping of the eyebrows. If you don’t brush it well, it will ruin the entire eyebrows!

3 basic makeup misunderstandings that beginners need to know

Beginners are easy to use the wrong technique when applying the foundation makeup and make the foundation makeup floating or stuck. The following three basic makeup mistakes are common mistakes made by beginners. As long as you avoid them, you can stay away from makeup, even if your skin condition is bad, you are not afraid of acne and pores appearing!

Misunderstanding 1: Insufficient maintenance before makeup, fight with makeup

The first misunderstanding of base makeup is insufficient maintenance before makeup! If you want to have a clean and flawless base makeup, base is the most important key. If you don’t do enough moisturizing before makeup, it is easy to cause powder and peeling problems, and the base makeup will look very dry!

The right way: skin care products & cosmetics need time interval

In addition to sufficient moisturizing before makeup, the interval between skin care products and makeup products is also very important. If you do not wait for the previous product to absorb and proceed to the next step, it is easy to cause makeup fights, and the makeup will naturally go crazy Floating powder!

Misunderstanding 2: Does not distinguish between facial areas

Many beginners will apply the foundation directly on the entire face when applying the foundation, and then use the puff to pat it on. But this is actually very easy to cause uneven makeup and dry off due to the time difference, so that there are problems with powder sticking and floating powder.

The right way: apply a small amount of foundation several times

If you want to solve the base makeup stuck powder, you must remember to apply makeup “a small amount of times”! It is recommended to divide the face into four areas, up, down, left, and right, and take a liquid foundation the size of a soybean and evenly place it on the same area. Then pat evenly with powder, so that the base makeup can be applied very clearly and well.

Misunderstanding 3: Use the wrong makeup tools & makeup techniques

The third point is the tools and techniques of applying makeup! Makeup tools and techniques can be said to be the most error-prone of the three points. For skin that is prone to sticking to powder, it is recommended not to use a brush for makeup. This is because it is easy to rub on the skin, causing the base makeup to peel, and then cause the problem of floating powder!

The correct way: press, pat on makeup

If you want the base makeup to stick to the powder, it is recommended to use a wet makeup egg or air cushion puff to apply the makeup, and apply the base makeup from the center of the face outwards by pressing. This will focus the luster of the foundation on the center of the face, and use the same way of tapping and pressing when setting the makeup, so that the powder will not damage the just-applied foundation!

Makeup tips for eyelashes

Use a spiral brush to stick the eyebrow cream, and then gently brush it on the eyebrows to easily obtain natural and obvious wild eyebrows. Speaking of the little makeup experts in the entertainment industry, Big Brother Yamashi is definitely one of them. Many of the stage makeup that goes out of the circle come from her own hands, and she can directly hit the hot search with eye makeup, and the makeup technology is proper.

The girl with small knotted eyes instantly became bigger and energetic after putting on makeup. Whether it is heavy makeup on stage or light makeup in daily life, the curled and distinct sun flower eyelashes are especially eye-catching. . Although often overlooked, the eyelashes are the invisible killer that enlarges the eyes. Draw a half-type eyeliner, immediately transform into a mental girl, change clothes and go out to take pictures! So you see, careful thinking on the eyelashes can make you look better without knowing it. It is very natural but the effect is remarkable.

Especially for small girls with double inner eyelids, if the eyeshadow is not smudged, it is easy to get dirty, and if the eyeliner is not good, the eyes will appear smaller, but the curled, thick and distinct sun flower eyelashes, one It can play a role in supporting the eyelids, making the eye shape more beautiful, and secondly, it can enlarge the eyes visually.

In the spin-off program of “Tomorrow’s Son”, the instructor demonstrated his eyelash curling technique on the spot. Use a lighter to heat the wooden part of the cotton swab, and when the temperature is right, start from the root of the eyelashes and curl the eyelashes. The technique is quite skillful. Looking at the before and after comparison, the effect is really good. If you want to make the eyelashes stronger, you can also use false eyelashes to achieve it. But for most girls, it is really difficult to stick eyelashes well. So, how to have super-curled Sunflower eyelashes through some daily operations?

  1. Before applying mascara, you must base your eyelids and lower eyelids. This can effectively prevent the mascara from smudging to the lower eyelids and turning black into panda eyes. It is recommended that you use loose powder, and you can bring the eye area when setting makeup on the face.
  2. Before applying mascara, you have to curl your eyelashes. There are many types of eyelash curlers, so you can choose the one you like. The method of false eyelashes can be selected in three stages. The root, middle, and front end of the eyelashes must be clamped. You can clamp it several times, so that the curl will be more natural. Of course, the cute ones who don’t know how to use eyelash curlers can also use hot cotton swabs to perm their eyelashes. The principle is the same as that of electric eyelash curlers. You need to be careful not to burn your eyes.
  3. Little fairies with soft eyelashes can use eyelashes for primer, and fairies who dislike their own sparse or not long enough eyelashes can also use for primer. This step is not necessary. You can choose according to your own needs.
  4. Fairies can choose the method of applying mascara. The straight up and down painting has a slender effect and the zigzag painting has a thick effect. Before applying mascara, it is best for fairies to wipe off the excess paste on the brush head with a paper towel, which will reduce the appearance of fly legs. When brushing the eyelashes, the mirror is best placed below the line of sight. It is easier to apply the eyelashes to the eyes looking down. Japanese mascara and primer are recommended, which can give you a distinct feeling. European and American mascaras are thicker and have larger brush heads, which can easily collapse the newly curled eyelashes and cause halo makeup.

I suggest that novice girls who find it difficult to draw eye makeup can work harder on the eyelashes! After all, drawing eyelashes is much easier, and they look very beautiful.

Korean makeup tutorials to looks younger

Speaking of Korean makeup, I have to mention Song Hye Kyo, especially the Korean drama “Boyfriend” starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. Originally, this kind of “sister and brother love” routine was rejected, but after watching the first episode, can not stop! Both the male and female protagonists are super handsome, and the super sweet interaction in the play is simply! And it will make people feel in front of the screen every day, Miss Qiao’s skin condition is too good! !

I have to say that Song Hye Kyo’s appearance is even more outstanding than when he debuted! The makeup is clear and delicate, and the temperament is quiet and beautiful. Although we still need to hone the temperament, we can still paint this full screen of natural and clear Korean makeup!

Let’s look at the tutorial below:

  1. Use an eyebrow brush to dip the brown eyebrow powder to outline the basic eyebrow shape.
  2. Use the eyebrow pencil of the same color to enhance the blending of the eyebrow tail and eyebrow peak to make the eyebrows more three-dimensional.
  3. Champagne eyeshadow is used as a primer on the eye sockets. The range of the primer is very important. If the range is too large, the eye makeup is not clean enough, and the range is too small to be polished.
  4. Brighten the first half of the lower eyelid with beige pearlescent eyeshadow.
  5. The orange-brown eyeshadow enhances the eye contour within the fold of the double eyelid and 1mm above it.
  6. The remaining powder on the brush smudges the second half of the lower eyelid, and the smudge range becomes narrower and narrower from back to front.
  7. The brown eyeshadow is strengthened in the triangle area at the end of the eye and elongates the eye shape.
  8. The brown eye shadow pen outlines the lower eyeliner in the white dotted area on the upper eyelid and the end of the eye.
  9. On the upper eyeliner, draw a thin elongated eyeliner with a brown eye shadow pen, and use an eye shadow brush to smudge the eyeliner at the end of the eye for a more hazy and natural effect.
  10. Mascara carefully apply the upper and lower eyelashes to make them longer and curl.
  11. Smudge pink blush within the white dotted line in the side view of the laughing muscle.
  12. Use shadow powder to smudge the side of cheeks to create a tighter contour of the small face.
  13. Use high-gloss powder to brighten the forehead, nose bridge, chin, lower triangle area, and the middle area to make the facial contour more three-dimensional and durable.
  14. Use lip concealer to conceal your lips. Choose a big red lipstick and apply it from the inside to the outside of the lips.
  15. Smudge the lipstick with a lip brush, and then apply a layer of transparent lip gloss on the outer layer to brighten the lip color.

Makeup remover and cleansing, the easiest and most difficult step in skin care

Regarding the importance of makeup removal, needless to say, I think you should all understand. If you do not remove your makeup properly, the residue of cosmetics will settle in your skin, causing rough, dark yellow skin, enlarged pores, and clogging. Sometimes it is not makeup that hurts your skin, but it is not a good makeup remover! So about some common and uncommon knowledge points about makeup removal, I think it is still necessary to tell everyone, because of the following mistakes, 90% of girls are committing.

How to choose makeup remover products?

Makeup remover: water-like texture, containing micelle ingredients, can remove light makeup and sunscreen, more suitable for oily skin and people who like a refreshing use.
Cleansing oil: can effectively remove heavy waterproof makeup, strong cleaning power, suitable for skin with good skin tolerance and no acne inflammation.
Makeup remover/milk/cream: The texture is warm and the cleansing power is also good. It will not deprive sebum excessively and is more suitable for people with dry skin.

Does cleansing oil cause acne?

A large part of the reason for using acne cleansing oil to stop acne is not thoroughly emulsified. After massaging with cleansing oil, first wet your hands, then massage the entire face to turn the oil into an emulsion, repeat several times until the water on your hands becomes clear, and then clean the skin with a lot of flowing water.

How to use makeup remover?

Make-up remover must be used with cotton pads to achieve the best results. It is not recommended to apply directly on the face. First use a makeup remover to moisten a large area of ​​the cotton pad, then massage the skin with light makeup in circular motions, repeating two to three times.

What should I pay attention to when removing eye and lip makeup?

The eyes and lips are relatively delicate, so it is best to use water and oil layered eye and lips makeup remover to remove makeup. If the eye and lip areas are not very sensitive and are not easily irritated, you can also choose the full-face makeup remover that is indicated on the product.

Does sunscreen require makeup removal?

This is a good judgment. If the skin coated with sunscreen encounters cleansing foam, the foam disappears quickly, and there is a rough friction, it means that this product has a strong waterproof and sweat resistant effect, you need to remove the makeup first, use a refreshing Cleansing water is enough, then use cleanser.

Do I need to use cleanser after removing makeup?

If the skin feels smooth after removing makeup, look carefully at the skin texture and pores without hidden residual makeup particles, and there is no obvious sticky feeling, you can not use cleanser; but if you feel a layer of oil, or there are still residual dirt, then You need to use cleansing milk for a second clean.

What product is better for acne?

Contamination does increase acne and inflammation, so be sure to clean it carefully. Products containing salicylic acid and fruit acid are more suitable for acne muscles. Even if it is oily acne skin, it is recommended to choose a mild cleansing milk to clean, not blindly Oil control, which is not helpful for acne healing.

Can I close my mouth after washing my face?

Closed-mouth acne is caused by sebum excretion and poor keratin metabolism. It is recommended to choose some cleansing milk containing enzymes, fruit acids, salicylic acid and other ingredients from the beginning of cleansing. Cleaning is very important, because the chin has more oil secretion than the cheeks, so there is a problem of sebum excretion. It is recommended to massage more on areas of the skin that do not feel smooth to play a better cleaning effect.

Can facial cleanser go to blackheads?

Tools such as facial cleansers have an auxiliary effect on cleaning and can help improve blackheads, but they should also be used together with skin rejuvenation products. There are many types of pores, and cleaning can help improve pores caused by excessive oil secretion, but it has no effect on aging pores and organic pores. Blackheads are actually sebum exposed at the ends of the pores after oxidation. Do not squeeze them by hand, otherwise it will damage the pores. You can use cleansing oil to massage the oil to help drain the oil. You can also choose a cleanser with fruit acid and use the cleansing mask regularly.

How do you know if your face is really clean?

Face washing should never pursue the so-called “deep cleansing”, otherwise it will easily damage the stratum corneum, resulting in a series of problems such as dryness and sensitivity. After cleansing, the skin is smooth, the pores look clean and tidy, and no particles of makeup products remain, basically even if it is cleaned thoroughly.

How many times do you wash your face a day?

Regardless of the type of skin, wash your face once a day in the morning and evening. It is recommended to use warm water, but if the oil secretion is very strong, the skin barrier function is stable and not easy to be sensitive. You can also clean it after lunch break.

How long should I clean my face?

No matter what type and texture of cleanser, do not massage on the skin for more than 1 minute, otherwise it will affect the health of the barrier. In terms of technique, massage in a circle against the direction of pore growth (ie, circle from the inside out), and clean the nose, forehead, and chin.

Is it okay to wash my face with clean water in the morning?

Although you don’t go out at night, it is still recommended to use a mild cleanser to clean your skin when you wash your face in the morning. This is because after a long night’s rest, skin care products and secreted oils on the skin will be oxidized by the air. If you only use clean water in the morning It is difficult to clean.

How to clean sensitive skin?

Don’t think that the dryness after washing the face is the performance of cleansing. If the skin is very sensitive, it is recommended to use a mild cosmeceutical cleansing milk. After washing, a little oily and smooth feeling can help protect the skin barrier function. complete.

What about dry skin?

The level of oil secretion of dry skin is relatively weak, so it is recommended to choose a cleanser without soap base and amino acid surfactant formula when cleansing. It is best to use cleansing milk or cleansing cream instead of cleansing oil when removing makeup.

What cleansing is used for dry skin?

Soap-free cleansing is the first choice. Amino acid-based cleansers are selective cleaning ingredients, which means that they will protect the sebum film intact as much as possible while cleaning the dirt. Avoid dry skin after cleaning, which is very gentle.

Korean beauty makeup tips

In addition to setting makeup in summer, the most important thing is to be thin and light! Thin and light! Thin and light! Not to mention the hand-worn party who can’t wear makeup, even a veteran old driver must learn the clear makeup of Korean girls that looks very clean, fresh and natural, which is most suitable for summer.

The biggest feature of Korean makeup is that it is clear, white, and the eye makeup is very light, and some do not even wear eye makeup. The overall makeup looks very girly. Summarized the characteristics of their makeup: natural base makeup, void eye shadow, vitality blush, natural eyebrows, and lip makeup. Today we will learn a simple makeup from these points.

Korean makeup looks for oxygen whitening, focusing on whitening and eyeliner, Korean girl paper will look clean and refreshing. If you look carefully, you will find that Korean makeup can’t escape the following characteristics:

  1. Water light muscle
  2. Flat eyebrow
  3. Hidden inner eyeliner
  4. Girls feel blush
  5. Bite Lip Makeup
  6. Air bangs

A face-lifting face and flawless makeup of Korean girls are the key to fashion. Korean makeup is generally white, advocating shiny muscles, straight eyebrows, clear eye makeup, and rich lip makeup. Next, we will learn how to create a clear Korean makeup.

Natural water light muscle

Base makeup is the most important point of Korean makeup. The pursuit of the skin is flawless and white, so the color of Korean makeup is basically white. The base makeup of the heroine in Korean dramas is basically the feeling of egg muscles, very white and smooth. No matter what style of Korean makeup is, it is pursuing a moisturizing gloss base makeup, which focuses on a clear “nude makeup” feeling and improves the gloss of the skin. The skin seems to be transparent and will shine.

How to makeup:

  1. Remove old and dead skin cells according to skin type. The accumulation of cuticles will affect the skin’s absorption of skin care products and thoroughly cleanse the skin.
  2. Deeply repair the skin. Remember that the night is a golden moment for skin self-repair, so it is recommended that when doing night care, be sure to focus on deep skin repair, and try to choose the all-around deep repair night cream.
  3. Facial treatment. In addition to ordinary water emulsion, general facial masks and eye masks are magic weapons against dry skin. In addition to using facial essence, these small magic weapons can not be ignored, so that the skin can be hydrated in time.
  4. Foundation. Use a damp puff to create a water-based makeup. During the makeup process, use the wet puff to pick up the liquid foundation or powder cake and gently tap on the face to make the water in the puff and the foundation fully combine to make the makeup look. More hydrated.
  5. After applying the foundation, spray with moisturizing spray, and then gently press with a sponge or paper towel.

Korean style eyebrow

The eyebrows of Korean girls are dominated by natural eyebrows. Nine out of ten Korean girls have flat eyebrows. Draw a word on the lower edge of the eyebrows and flatten the line to look younger. The straight eyebrow shape and thick lines are versatile for people with different face shapes. By weakening the eyebrow peak, the overall face tends to be harmonious and soft.

How to makeup:

  1. Eyebrow trimming. After confirming the three points of eyebrow, eyebrow peak, and eyebrow tail, use the eyebrow pencil to gently outline the eyebrows on the eyebrows. Note that both sides must be painted simultaneously to be symmetrical.
  2. Using eyebrow powder, start from the eyebrows and brush along the shape of the eyebrows to the position of the eyebrow peak.
  3. After the eyebrow peak, draw the tail of the eyebrow diagonally downward with a prism.
  4. Use the eyebrow pencil to make fine adjustments at the end of the eyebrow.
  5. If the color of the eyebrows is too stiff, you can use the eyebrow brush to pick up the beige eyebrow powder and draw from the eyebrows to draw out to make the brows more natural.

Hidden inner eyeliner

Looking closely at the female lead of the Korean drama, the black eyeliner is almost no longer found. It is replaced by brown. In fact, the brown is softer and does not give a sense of distance. Just like the makeup of Suzy and Park Shin Hye, you think they have no eyeliner. In fact, they have brown. Inner eyeliner. Compared to the thick black eyeliner, only a thin inner eyeliner is drawn, and it is not easy to see the more pixelated face, and the makeup feel is more natural.

How to makeup:

  1. Use your fingers to spread the roots of the eyelashes. Use an eyeliner to trace the roots of the eyelashes, starting from the middle.
  2. After drawing the eyeliner in the middle, you can start to extend the eyeliner to the junction of the end of the eye. But don’t exceed the junction of the eyes, or you won’t be able to create a cute feeling.

Girly blush

If lipstick is an indispensable cosmetic to brighten the complexion, then blush is the best “prop” to modify the face and beautify the complexion.

How to makeup:

  1. Dip an appropriate amount of pink blush with a round blush brush, and draw circles on the apple muscles at an angle perpendicular to the cheeks.
  2. Be sure to apply the blush not beyond the end of the eye. It is recommended to build a small number of times, layer by layer, and the color should be natural and clear.

Lip makeup

Korean lip makeup uses lip gloss to change the high-profile, to show the variety of style and attitude of makeup, while making the overall makeup more direct and personal. Lip bite makeup uses a gradual effect to create a pitiful, sexy and seductive atmosphere, making you look at least ten years younger, tender and energetic.

How to makeup:

  1. First use lip balm as a primer, and then cover the original lip color and lip lines with a close-to-skin or flesh-colored concealer.
  2. Apply the lipstick to the inside of the upper and lower lips, that is, the center of the entire lip, and apply it in a small area. It should be noted that the amount of lipstick must not be too much.
  3. Use a lip brush, cotton swab or finger to smudge the lipstick.
  4. Finally, apply a thin layer of lip balm along the edges of the lips to make the lips plump and the lip makeup will appear.

How to save the “mask face”

Because of the inevitable contact with people at work, most people will wear masks for more than 8 hours. Not only is it very frustrating, many people start to react. The skin after removing the mask is full of oil, even dry skin. Exceptions, even the appearance of red marks, acne, whiteheads and blackheads, etc., have a tendency to rotten face!

In fact, this is the so-called “mask face”: wearing a mask for a long time, the exhaled gas makes the enclosed space between the mask and the face warm and wet, which causes the temperature of the facial skin to rise, stimulating the secretion of oil from the skin, and then emerges Shining, in turn, caused a series of sensitive issues. If you don’t take good care of it, or carelessly skin care, it is easy to cause sensitive skin, and it will be more difficult to repair. Today I will share with you some tips for “care for facial skin with long-term masks”.

Mask coverage area needs to simplify skin care procedures

The area covered by the mask for a long time will form a humid environment with the air flow we breathe. The local skin will be exposed to moisture for a long time, and the local pressure of the mask on the skin will cause the sebaceous glands to block. After a long time, the acne will come out. The part covered by the mask should simplify skin care. Do not apply products with high oil content. Try to choose skin care products with light texture. The part that is not covered by the mask has been exposed to the outside, and it is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing and moisturizing work for partition skin care.

Try to avoid heavy makeup, and pay attention to clean

Wearing a mask for a long time is easy to get stuffy. If you put on a thick base makeup again, the breathability of the skin will become worse and it will easily clog your pores. You can change the base makeup to a thin type, and then gently press with powder to make the skin more refreshing, and at the same time avoid the grease of the foundation from staining the inner layer of the mask. In fact, in addition to the exposed parts of this time, the skin inside the mask can try not to apply primer! After everyone comes home to take off their masks, they will remove makeup and clean up as soon as possible!

Allergic redness has occurred and needs to be repaired in time

When you choose a mask, remember to pay attention to its material, breathability and fit. If allergies and redness have appeared in the mask area, vitamin C can be added appropriately to avoid aggravating the situation, which has a good repair effect on the skin. At the same time, the face can be sprayed with a calming and anti-inflammatory spray to soothe the skin.

Reduce the frequency of exfoliation and protect healthy skin barrier

The stratum corneum of the skin has a strong water-retaining function and is an important part of the barrier structure. If you exfoliate frequently, it will take away the oil between the cells and it will take several weeks to fully recover. At this time, the damaged sebum film cannot effectively protect the skin. The skin will become dry and scaly with enlarged pores and other problems. Especially nowadays, it is very important to have a healthy skin barrier!

In fact, many small problems will slowly recover without wearing a mask, but under special circumstances, we all insist on sticking together.

How to draw a beauty mole

Is everyone’s daily makeup a regular base makeup, eye makeup, eyebrow makeup, lip makeup? But adding some special “small embellishments” can also add points to makeup! Compared with the exaggerated clothes, the makeup “small embellishment” is obviously more secure. For example, using sequins and stickers on the face is unique and eye-catching. The most used and most convenient is actually the mole. Many girls used to think that a mole on the face was not beautiful.

In fact, the signature feature of some female stars is just the right mole. For example, the sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe has delicate moles on her cheeks. The two moles around Fujina Lina’s mouth seemed to be a sexy and cute little cat when she pursed her lips and smiled. It made her full of sweet but lazy sexy. Gianna Jun is the spokesperson of the nose and mole, it is simply beautiful! IU’s beauty mole is on the left cheek. Although it is not very conspicuous, it laughs very cutely.

With the diversification of creation and aesthetics, more people are beginning to realize the beauty of moles. Many people will choose to paint moles in the right place to add points to the overall makeup! Kim Hyun A is a representative of bringing the charm of tear moles to the extreme. Now let’s take a look at how to draw a beautiful mole and add points to your face value.

Mole drawing steps

  1. Choose the place where you want to draw the mole. Here, use an eyeliner or eyeliner to gently draw a small dot. The size is as you like it. The sense of refinement is the main thing. It should not be too large.
  2. It can be covered with loose powder to make the mole more natural. If you use eyeliner, please remember to wait for the eyeliner to dry before applying powder.


  1. If you want to make the moles more natural, you can use a black cotton eye shadow with a pointed cotton swab around the dots before applying the powder.
  2. For girls with darker skin, it is more appropriate to choose brown eyeliner.
  3. If you are prone to oil removal and want to paint the moles lasting, remember to gently press with makeup products after painting.
  4. Everyday makeup wants to suppress moles, there must be bright spots in the makeup, distract attention, increase the proportion of blush and deepen some lipstick colors are feasible ways.

Did you learn it? A small mole can not only break the boredom of makeup, but also highlight personal characteristics and let boys remember you at a glance.

The right way to make up

I don’t know if you have such troubles when applying makeup? Makeup is more ugly than no makeup, and the makeup is always said to be tacky. Obviously the makeup on other people’s faces looks good, and this is a disaster in myself. In fact, this is because our makeup is wrong! Because makeup needs attention to detail, a little mistake can sacrifice the makeup of the entire face. Today I will talk to you about the makeup techniques that girls are most likely to make mistakes.

Before makeup

It can be said that it is the hardest hit area before makeup. Many girls like to rub their face in a circle when applying sunscreen before applying makeup, but it is easy to rub the mud. The correct method is: push the sunscreen makeup away from the center of the face, pay attention to gently, one direction is enough, do not apply back and forth.


Shooting concealers with beauty eggs is probably a mistake that every girl will make. The problem with this method is that you must apply a lot of concealers, otherwise the beauty eggs will eat the concealers, and you won’t be able to conceal anything. However, it is easy to apply a lot of lines and is not suitable for creating a natural base makeup. The correct way is to use the concealer brush to smudge the surrounding area, this effect is natural and concealing, is it great?


Many girls draw a long line of eyebrows from the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrows. The eyebrows drawn in this way have a very stiff feeling. After changing the method of eyebrow drawing, Zhao Liying not only improved the temperament, but also modified the face shape. In fact, our eyebrows have a hair flow direction. When drawing, we should draw a little bit along the direction of the hair flow. The first half of the eyebrows grow up, so draw upwards, and the second half of the eyebrows grow downwards, so draw downwards. This is how the shaggy natural wild eyebrows are drawn.

Eye shadow

I have seen a fascinating eyeshadow tutorial before, using dark spots on the ends of the eyes, brightening colors in the middle, and then smudge. At first glance, it seems to be no problem, but how does the drawn eye look like it was hit by someone? This method is wrong because there is no light color transition! Before we paint dark colors, we must first sweep light eye shadows in large areas in the eye sockets. After deepening the eye sockets with dark colors, we can smudge the edges with light colors, so that the eyeshadows are especially layered.


Thick eyeliners like this, we Asians are really not suitable! Because Asians have very narrow eyelids, they will easily disappear if the eyeliner is thick. Look at the comparison below. Does the thin eyeliner make the eyelid wider? Another method is to give up the eyeliner and make the eye own eyeliner by deepening the eyelashes. This kind of makeup is natural and beautiful, and the effect of magnifying the eyes is also great.


I wonder if you have such troubles? Lipsticks like the aunt red color are too mature and old on the mouth, and I can’t control it when I buy it home. In fact, this has nothing to do with lipstick, it is related to the method of applying lipstick. The edge of lipstick is obvious, and it is the old-fashioned culprit. As long as the lipstick border is smudged with a cotton swab, what is red is all girly.

Finally, I have compiled a correct makeup technique for everyone:

  1. Apply sunscreen in one direction before makeup
  2. Concealer smudges with concealer brush
  3. Draw eyebrows in the direction of the hair flow
  4. Eye shadow should use light color transition
  5. Make the eyeliner as thin as possible
  6. Use a cotton swab to blur the lipstick border

How to properly care for the eye skin to avoid eye lines

Everyone knows that makeup can cover hundreds of ugliness, acne marks, red blood, and spots. These problems can all be concealed by bottom makeup. There is only one problem, even makeup is difficult to cover, that is-eye lines! In fact, girls are afraid of getting older and want to be slower than others, and the eyes are really the easiest part to sell women’s age! Some people realize that they are getting older from the moment they show their first eye pattern. It is said that a girl who loves to laugh will not be too lucky, but a smile will reveal her eyes.

Look at the female stars, even if the maintenance is good, you can’t see the age, but it is also the easiest to be sold by eye patterns! Take a look and smile, the lines under your eyes are covered with fine lines. If the previous photo is a high-definition photo, then the big baby under the thick filter is also grabbed by the eye pattern. Dark circles and wrinkles on the eyes will make you look ten years old instantly!

Someone said that girls should start using eye cream from the age of 18, if you don’t pay attention, wait until the problem occurs, then it is difficult to remedy! But don’t panic, go to the mirror first to see what kind of eye pattern you have! Because the eye pattern is also divided into true eye pattern and false eye pattern.

So how to judge whether your own wrinkles are fake wrinkles? The method is super easy! Take a mirror and look into the light. If you don’t laugh, the eye pattern you can see is the real eye pattern; if it appears when you laugh, and disappears when you don’t laugh, it’s a pseudo wrinkle. If it is a false wrinkle, congratulations, your wrinkle is saved! It may just be that due to excessive eye use and skin dehydration for a certain period of time, small fine lines appear temporarily around the eyes. As long as these bad habits are changed, wrinkles will basically disappear, but if it is true wrinkles, things are not so It’s simple.

Why do eye lines appear?

Dry skin

The skin around the eyes is very thin, without fat and sebaceous glands, and moisture and oil are easily lost. And the eye blinks 25,000 times a day, the amount of exercise is too large, so the periphery of the eye is the most prone to wrinkles in the whole face, especially under the corner of the eye.

Natural aging

As we age, it is difficult for the skin to resist the power of natural aging no matter what method is used. The most obvious change in age is that the metabolism slows down, as does the skin. Moreover, skin moisture and subcutaneous fat will gradually decrease, and collagen will continue to be lost, making the skin aging, resulting in decreased skin elasticity and increased wrinkles around the eyes.


Do you think there is photoaging everywhere? That’s right, photoaging really causes many skin problems. Photoaging is due to skin damage caused by long-term exposure to sunlight. It can cause some aging changes in the skin. For example, the collagen content is reduced, and the elastic fibers lose their function, causing the skin to relax, wrinkles appear or deepen.

Excessive skin pulling

Pulling the skin for a long time and frequently will promote wrinkles, so you need to avoid this practice as much as possible. Including normal makeup removal and eye cream application, you should take the correct approach.

Application order of eye cream

Remover> Cleansing> Toner> Lotion> Eye Cream

Eye cream massage method

  1. Use the ring finger to remove the eye cream the size of mung beans, evenly around the eye, focusing on the extension of the lower eye socket and the end of the eye to the temple.
  2. Using the ring finger from the lower eyelid to the eye socket, counterclockwise with the left hand and clockwise with the right hand, repeat 3-4 times.
  3. Use the ring finger to lift from the inner corner of the lower eyelid to the end of the eye. The movement should be light, repeat 5 times, and the direction cannot be reversed.
  4. Use the ring finger to gently apply from the inside to the outside, apply 3-4 times to the upper and lower eyelids, until the eye cream is completely absorbed.

In addition, the usage of eye care products is the same as that of facial care products. It is more exposed to pollution, various radiation, and ultraviolet rays during the day than at night! So it should be used sooner or later, instead of using it when you think about it, and not when you don’t think about it.