How to choose makeup remover products and correct makeup remover

Cleaning is the most important step in skin care at night, which is divided into cleansing and makeup removal. Cleansing is responsible for cleaning dust and sebum, as well as some non-waterproof sunscreen, but makeup removal is different, and it is responsible for washing away dirt that is difficult to clean. If you do not remove your makeup properly, the residue of cosmetics will settle in your skin, causing rough, dark yellow skin, enlarged pores, and clogging. But there are so many makeup remover products, many people still don’t know how to choose and how to use, or what will happen if they choose the wrong product. So, today I will discuss with you how to choose makeup remover products. The following is very useful for removing makeup, please take notes!

First of all, makeup must be removed! Whether you only apply foundation or eyebrows, you need to remove makeup! Make-ups contain many pigments and pigments. Generally, water-resistant, viscous oily formulas are used to increase durability. They are not easy to be washed away. Generally, the “oil-soluble oil” method can dissolve dirt.

What kind of makeup remover should to choose?

There are basically four types of makeup removers on the market: makeup remover water, makeup remover milk, makeup remover oil, and eye and lips makeup remover.

Cleansing water: The cleaning power is weaker than others, and the irritation is also relatively low. It is generally used to remove light makeup and is suitable for sensitive muscle girls.

Makeup remover milk: Makeup remover ability is better than makeup remover water, general makeup can be removed.

Cleansing cream: The cleansing ability is a little better than cleansing milk. It is very close to cleansing oil, but it is more moisturizing and more suitable for dry skin.

However, the synthetic ester content of the makeup remover is slightly higher. Compared with natural oil and mineral oil, its safety is slightly worse. The ingredients may cause allergies and acne, so before using the makeup remover for the first time, be sure to First test for allergies on the wrist and back of the ear.

Cleansing oil: The one with the strongest cleansing ability and the irritant is also relatively large. It is used with caution for girls who remove heavy makeup, sensitive muscles and dry skin. However, the oil content is relatively high, and the use process is relatively greasy. Makeup remover oil must be emulsified. Incomplete emulsification can easily cause mouth closure and acne.

Eye and Lip Makeup Remover: It is specially used to remove eye makeup and lip makeup.

Comparison of lightness and thinness:
Makeup Remover Water> Makeup Remover Oil> Makeup Remover Cream> Makeup Remover Milk

Comparison of the intensity of makeup removal:
Cleansing Oil> Makeup Remover Cream> Makeup Remover Milk> Makeup Remover Water

You can choose according to your skin texture and usual makeup.

What is the correct procedure for removing makeup?

Remove the eye makeup and eyebrow makeup first, then remove the lip makeup, then remove the base makeup, and finally clean the face, because if you remove the base makeup first, the subsequent eye makeup dirt will still run on the face, so you have to remove it once again. Fainted?

Eye makeup removal: Use eye and lip makeup removal products, shake it before use, then pour a sufficient amount of makeup remover on the cotton pad, apply it for 5 seconds, let the eye makeup dissolve before rubbing. Many girls started to wipe it when they came up, no matter it was three, seventy-one, twenty-one.

Remove lip makeup: first use a paper towel to remove the color of the surface layer, apply it for 5 seconds like eye makeup, and then gently wipe up and down along the lip lines. I know that many babies are rubbing left and right, so this is wrong. Thought cleaning the floor? Finally, stretch the lips left and right and use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to wipe the areas that have not been treated.

The correct use of different makeup products

The corresponding makeup removal methods are different between different makeup removal products. A common mistake made by many girls is that no matter what makeup removal product is used, it is poured on the makeup removal cotton and then wiped on the face. This method is only suitable for some products. , Still in doubt? Then let’s take a look at the makeup removal methods corresponding to different products.

Makeup Remover Water: Dip the makeup remover with a cotton pad and apply it to your face for about 10 seconds. Wait for the makeup to dissolve and wipe gently. Never wipe it back and forth until the cotton pad does not leave a foundation color. Remember that the makeup remover must be sufficient, otherwise it will not only be unclean, but it will be very harmful if you wipe the skin dry with a cotton pad.

Cleansing milk: Dry hands and face, take a sufficient amount of cleansing milk, rub it on your hands to a little temperature and apply it evenly on your face! Gently massage the face from bottom to top in a circular motion (approximately one minute), then wipe off the residual makeup on the face with a cotton pad and cleanse it! Many girls have no idea about emulsification with cleansing milk. In the process of massage emulsification, they worry about incomplete emulsification, and massage for a long time! That will only remove the makeup dirt that has come out, and let the skin “eat” it back, which will have an adverse effect (the same applies to the makeup remover oil below), so try not to exceed two minutes in the emulsification process!

Cleansing oil: How many girls use cleansing oil as a cleansing water? Pour it on a cotton pad and wipe it on your face! Usage: dry hands and face, take a sufficient amount of upper face, gently massage in circles to completely dissolve the base makeup, then hands are covered with water, massage from the chin from bottom to top, massage for no more than 2 minutes, and finally use warm water Wash off and finally cleanse! Pay attention to the amount of oil when using cleansing oil. Too little will not clean and rub the skin; the massage process should not be too long.

Cleansing cream: The cleansing cream is very much like a solid cleansing oil. The main components of the cleansing ingredients are oil and surfactant. Keep your hands dry, dig a shovel of cleansing cream on your palms, and apply the cleansing cream to your face. You will feel that it gradually turns oily, similar to cleansing oil. Circle massage to dissolve the makeup in the pores, and then gently wipe the face with a cotton pad soaked in water, and finally rinse off with clean water.

Think about how you might look bad tomorrow, and you have to get up and get rid of makeup even if you are tired!

How to wash makeup tools thoroughly

As a delicate little fairy daughter, daily makeup is essential, but I wonder if you have noticed your own makeup tools? Makeup brushes, beauty eggs, air cushion powder… Use beauty eggs every day, have your beauty eggs been thoroughly cleaned? Not only the beauty eggs, but other makeup tools also need to be cleaned regularly.

It is said that the beauty eggs and air puffs that are not washed for 7 days are dirtier than the toilet! Are you shocked? The best cleaning frequency is once every four days. If there is procrastination, it can’t be delayed once a week! When we use beauty eggs, we must first soak them and then use them, so the beauty eggs are basically in a semi-dry state. This state is very susceptible to bacteria. If you do not clean them regularly, the beauty eggs will easily get worse when they touch the skin. Acne and closed mouth.

Today, I will tell you how to clean makeup tools. First, you should prepare cleaning soap with strong cleaning power. If you have a special cleaner, it will be better!

Reminder: Never use strong alkaline soaps or household cleaners, as the bristles of the brush may come off or become uneven.

  1. Wet brush (foundation brush, lip brush)

step1: Apply the cleansing oil or cleanser directly to the brush, if it is soap, please rub out the rich foam with your hands and apply it to the brush;
step2: Gently rub the bristles in the direction of the bristles, try to rub out all the dirt;
step3: Rinse with clean water, do not directly rinse the brush under water flow;
step4: After repeating parts 2 and 3 about 3 times, use a clean paper towel to absorb the water from the brush;
step5: Stand the brush in a dry and ventilated place and keep it dry. Do not let the brush receive direct sunlight;

  1. Dry brush (eye shadow, highlight shadow, eyebrow brush, loose powder brush, etc.)

Dry brushes are generally not easy to breed bacteria, so it can be cleaned once a month. If you find that there are more hairs, you can trim it.

step1: First put the brush on the hand and shake it slightly, so that it can remove most of the powder stains on the brush;
step2: Apply cleaning solution, also gently rub the bristles in the direction of the bristles, try to rub out all the dirt;
step3: Rinse with clean water, you can shake the brush back and forth in the water, but be gentle.
step4: After repeating parts 2 and 3 about 3 times, drain the water by hand and use a clean paper towel to absorb the water from the brush;
step5: Stand the brush in a dry and ventilated place and dry it.

  1. Puff (air cushion puff, loose puff)

step1: Soak the puff in warm water, soaking it with makeup remover is better.
step2: Apply mild detergent.
step3: Put the puff mixed with detergent into a plastic bag, and keep rubbing until nothing can be washed.
step4: Rinse in flowing water, because the puff has a strong adsorption effect, so it must be cleaned.
step5: After wringing, use a paper towel to suck the water again.
step6: Dry in a ventilated place.


  1. Be sure to soak the puff in warm water first.
  2. Do not let the puff get wet during normal maintenance.
  3. Throw the stiff, deformed, blackened puff.
  4. Be sure to wrap the powder puff in a plastic bag and rub it directly with your hands.
  1. Make-up sponge cleaning (gourd cotton, triangle cotton, etc.)

It is recommended that you buy disposable cosmetic sponges directly. After all, this kind of thing is thrown away after use. After washing it for a few times, it is actually useless. It is not because of laziness, because the sponge hole will become larger with the increase of cleaning times. For the use of sponges, it is recommended that you use different sponges for different color foundations or bb creams. Using the same sponge is not only unhygienic, but also easy to cause cross-coloring. As for the cleaning method, it is actually the same as the puff cleaning.

  1. Eyelash curler, eyebrow trimmer

Everyone first uses the eye and lip makeup remover to wash off the stains on the surface, then use cotton dipped in medical alcohol to disinfect the eyelash curler and eyebrow trimmer. After the alcohol volatilizes, it will be cleaned. If the eyebrow trimmer rusts, just throw it away.

There are cosmetic bags! You remember to clean the cosmetic bag, the cleaning method is the same as the ordinary bag.

5 myths easy to make whitening mistakes

In the summer, looking at the cold white girl around me, I can really envy crying. Although the wheat color like Ji Kejunyi is also beautiful, but I don’t have her charming vest line and high figure, so I really want to make myself “cover all ugliness.” However, whitening is really troublesome, and you need to persevere to see the effect. Let’s take a look.

Is whitening just getting whiter?

No. Whitening is to make the skin more shiny and avoid spots and uneven skin tone. Everyone’s white has a limit value. When it reaches a certain level, it will not continue to be white. The parts of the thigh and the inside of the arm that are rarely exposed to ultraviolet rays are basically the highest values ​​that can be reached. If you blindly pursue fairness, it is likely to cause melanocyte death and lead to skin diseases.

Believe in immediate products

Many people have seen the gibberish on the Internet that “a whitening mask can be white with one sheet” and “born black can also be white”! The metabolic cycle of our skin takes 28 days. Qualified and safe whitening products can’t be achieved immediately. This kind of three-product product that claims “whitening in one second” is problematic. It is likely that lead, gypsum, Fluorescent agent and other ingredients. Listen to me, let’s not try!

Whitening method with pearl powder

I don’t know when the whitening method of pearl powder was spread in the skin care industry, saying that it is to apply pearl powder to water and paste it on the face, and then wash it off after a while to achieve the effect of whitening. ! I can’t help telling you the truth: The main ingredient of pearl powder is calcium carbonate, and its molecules are so large that the pores of the skin cannot be absorbed at all! As for the phenomenon of whitening immediately after applying pearl powder, it is because the powder remains on your face, causing a “false white” effect. Long-term use will also block pores, stimulate acne and close the mouth!

White vinegar face wash

Washing your face with white vinegar is also one of the more popular whitening rumors on the Internet, but in fact, white vinegar contains a lot of acetic acid, so it is quite corrosive. Washing your face with white vinegar for a long time will make the skin cuticle thinner and thinner. Over time, facial problems such as red blood and allergies will come to greet you. Wash your face well, after all, it is our own face! Is warm water + facial cleanser better than anything?

Like all kinds of DIY

Many young ladies and sisters like DIY skin care products. The most common ones are various facial masks. Making various facial masks every day will not only make the effect less obvious, but also sometimes cause skin allergies. DIY is not to say that it can’t be used, but during the process, we must pay attention to good hygiene, don’t easily try various skin care products, “test the poison by yourself”. If it is used by others, it does not necessarily mean that it is suitable for you. Some unprocessed pure natural items have not been cleared of their own toxins. Some allergens have not been separated from nutrients. The skin absorbs toxic and allergens and will naturally appear. A series of skin problems.

The above five situations are all the whitening mistakes that people are prone to make. Please avoid them and choose the correct way to develop a white water light muscle!

Master the correct makeup removal method to protect your skin

Cleaning is the most important step in skin care at night, which is divided into cleansing and makeup removal. Cleansing is responsible for cleaning dust and sebum, as well as some non-waterproof sunscreen. But makeup removers are different. They are responsible for removing dirt that is difficult to clean. Make-up removal must be done properly, otherwise the remaining substances will clog the pores, the skin becomes rough and dull, and acne will come.

Many girls are good at makeup, but they do not know the correct makeup removal steps. For beauty, makeup removal and makeup are equally important. To some extent, makeup removal is even more important than makeup. The makeup remover products currently on the market mainly include makeup remover oil, makeup remover water, makeup remover milk, makeup remover cream, and makeup remover gel. So many makeup remover products, how to choose?

Dry skin

It is recommended that dry skin girls use makeup remover cream, makeup remover, makeup remover and other products to remove makeup, which will be more moisturizing and can also remove skin makeup better.

Sensitive muscles, neutral skin

Sensitive skinny fairies are prone to all kinds of skin problems. When choosing makeup remover products, they must be gentle and non-irritating so as not to cause secondary damage. You can use makeup remover creams.

Oily skin and acne

The oily skin fairy has strong oil secretion and is more suitable for makeup remover with a more comfortable skin feel.

Don’t know the correct makeup removal steps? Remove the eye makeup and eyebrow makeup first, then remove the lip makeup, then remove the base makeup, and finally cleanse the face, because if you remove the base makeup first, subsequent removal of eye makeup dirt will also run on the face.

What should I pay attention to when removing makeup?

  1. Dry hands and warm cleansing oil

Take a proper amount of cleansing oil in the palm of your hand, gently wrap your hands with warmth, then cover your face with your fingers together, follow the unevenness of the face, bend your fingers slightly, and wait for a few seconds.

  1. Evenly apply makeup remover lotion (makeup remover water/oil/cream)

Using the palm of your hand, move the face horizontally and apply the cleansing oil evenly over the entire face.

  1. Finger massage, remove makeup from the center

The nasal wings that are most susceptible to sebum contamination should be massaged in small circles using fingertips. The most three-dimensional nose bridge on the face, gently removes makeup and dirt from the top of the finger to the bottom.

  1. Don’t ignore eyebrows

Put your hands together on your forehead and remove your makeup in a circle. Don’t forget the eyebrows.

  1. Fingertip covering

Eye makeup remover should be gentle and delicate around the eyes. When removing makeup, don’t wipe it violently. Apply non-waterproof makeup gently by applying a fingertip. For waterproof makeup, use makeup remover and cotton swab to remove makeup gently and carefully, and do not pull on the eye skin.

  1. The palm covers the entire face, warms and melts the base makeup

Cover your cheeks gently with your palms and use the temperature of your palms to help remove the makeup.

  1. Use lipstick to remove lipstick

Cover your fingertips around the lips and take away the makeup. Use a makeup remover to remove lipstick and lip gloss.

  1. Don’t forget around the face. It is easy to get acne due to uncleanness around the face. Remember to remove makeup with your fingertips.

Becoming beautiful is the life-long mission of all girls. I hope everyone can remove makeup and clean it well. Don’t lose to others when taking pictures.

Tips for lip care to make lips more beautiful

Lip makeup is very popular now, everyone must have a lot of lipstick, there are lip gloss, lip glaze, lipstick, matte, matte and so on. But do you have beautiful lips to wipe them? Every time when I wipe the lipstick, I worry about my lips. Why are they in such a bad condition? Some people’s lips often have some problems, such as dry lips, cheilitis, etc., which makes the lipstick not perfect on the mouth! So how do we perform lip care? Here is a brief introduction to some lip care notes, which will be very practical for you!

Lip care considerations:

  1. Change the bad habit of licking and biting lips

In winter, many people’s lips will have problems such as skin peeling and dryness; OCD always loves to tear off or bite off the dead skin on the lips. This method is equivalent to tearing off the protective film of the lips, which is easy to cause bleeding and infection of the lips. Lip lines will also become more and more serious. You can use a hot towel for a while, after softening, use a cotton swab dipped in water to gently roll on the lips, and the dead skin will be easily taken off; then apply lip balm to protect the lips, and remember to apply a thick lip balm at night. During sleep, you can usually do more lip mask care, so that it is easier to develop attractive and moist lips.

  1. Avoid irritating ingredients

“Cool ingredients” such as peppermint and menthol or “spicy ingredients such as cinnamon” may have an irritating effect on the skin. Common additions of these ingredients include toothpaste in addition to lip balm , Mouthwash, etc. If the problem of dry and peeling lips does not cure for a long time, you can check whether these daily products contain irritating ingredients.

  1. Don’t eat spicy or hot food

This will particularly stimulate the ulceration and air bubbles of the lip mucosa, which is why some people’s mouths are easy to “get angry”, and drinking too hot water can easily cause burns on the external mucous membrane, making the lips easy to age.

  1. Don’t tear the dead skin on your lips

This is the most harmful way to the skin of the lips and can even cause cracks and infections on the lips. If you have lifted dead skin, you can consider lip scrub to polish and remove dead skin. Never tear it by hand!

  1. Don’t apply too cheap lipstick

Lipstick hygiene standards and lead standards have been strictly controlled, and the selection of lipsticks is also very fine. Too cheap lipsticks have poor raw materials, and the color materials used are also very cheap, which can easily cause sensitive lips or pigmentation. In order to save a little money, causing cheilitis or making the lips darker and darker, it is more than worth it.

  1. Carry lip balm with you

Carry a good lip balm with you, it can always protect your lips. For example, make up after each meal, apply it when your lips are dry, etc.

  1. Drink more water and eat more vegetables

Add a lot of water and vitamins, this is the most simple advice. After all, any external help is not as effective as the natural protection of your body.

Lip makeup removal steps

  1. Use a paper towel to gently press the lips to absorb the oil in the lipstick;
  2. Use a cotton pad moistened with cleansing oil to gently apply to the lips for 30-60 seconds to completely dissolve the lip makeup;
  3. Smile makes the lip lines stretch, wipe gently with a cotton pad from the corner of the lips to the center of the lips in a vertical manner, and avoid rubbing back and forth;
  4. Finally fold the cotton pad in half and open the corner of the mouth to gently squeeze the cotton pad to completely remove the residual makeup.
  5. Rinse with clean water and apply lipstick to moisturize.

If you want to have soft and attractive lips, lip care must not be ignored.

How to make full use of advent or expired skin care products

For girls who like to buy blindly, “advent or expired skin care makeup” has always been a pity, and the fear of bad face exists. Especially where garbage sorting begins, every day we have to fight wits against the weird cosmetic bottles of various dismantling methods. Speaking today, it is really an unused temporary skincare makeup, how can it be used quickly and without waste?

Make full use of advent skin care products

Cleansing bubble

Facial cleansing bubbles are more delicate than normal hand sanitizers, and should be moisturized. Wash your hands with cleansing bubbles, not only clean and moisturizing, but also used more often, a bottle of cleansing bubbles to wash your hands can not be washed a few times, it will never be over.


You know, it is not only our face but also our body that needs to be moisturized. The cream expires immediately, or it has just expired, but it has not deteriorated. It can be used to moisturize our body. Dry legs and elbows can be applied several times.


Moisten the skin softener with a cotton pad and apply it to your face as a skin toning water spa for 5-10 minutes to moisturize and rehydrate. On the one hand, because the texture of the toner is relatively refreshing, it is easier to be absorbed by the skin. On the other hand, the toner can completely penetrate the skin and play a good moisturizing effect, but remember to clean the face twice after finishing.

Make full use of expired skin care products

Cleansing bubble

The expired foam type facial cleanser can be used to remove sweat and oil stains on the collar and pillowcase.


The expired lotion (alcohol-containing) can be used to wipe computer screens, mirrors, glass, ceramic tiles and other household items. The non-alcoholic skin toner can be used to clean leather bags and shoes.


For expired lotions, many people first use them to wipe the body. In fact, expired lotion has another use, which is better than using it to wipe your body. It is used to care for nails.

Method: Wash your hands first, then use a small piece of cotton pad to dip the lotion, wrap the nail for 15 minutes and remove it. This will not only brighten the nails, but also benefit the growth of the nails and reduce the burrs on the edges of the nails.


Fats account for a large proportion of the ingredients of the cream, so it is best to use expired cream to care for leather goods. Whether it is a leather bag, leather shoes, or leather clothing, you can apply the expired cream after wiping it clean, and then apply the cream evenly with a soft cotton cloth. Then you will find that the place where the cream has been applied becomes shiny like New. Creams with whitening ingredients cannot be used to wipe leather shoes.


The expired lipstick is also very useful. It can be used to wipe silver jewelry, and wipe it repeatedly where the silver jewelry is black. Soon, the silver jewelry will return to its original state.

Foundation and talcum powder

The dry powder or talcum powder has expired. Although it can not be applied to the face, you can put the dry powder or talcum powder in a small cloth bag and put it in a wardrobe or shoes, which can effectively deodorize. It is also necessary to add that many sisters see that their skin care products are about to expire and use them in large amounts, which will not only block the sebaceous glands and pores, but also affect the skin’s breathing and excretory functions. All in all, do not rush to throw away expired skin care products, use up all the value of its products, this is a more economical, more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective way of skin care.

11 tips for becoming beautiful

In addition to “Wife’s World”, the most popular Korean drama recently should be the new drama “King: Forever Monarch” by Jin Gaoyin and Li Minhao. As the male gods of the first generation of Korean dramas, Lee Min Ho’s “The Boys Over Flowers”, “Heirs”, and “City Hunter” were all fried at the time. Therefore, I am still looking forward to this comeback. In particular, Li Minhao is also handsome on the white horse riding the hot horse, it is really Prince Charming himself!

However, compared with Li Minhao’s slightly shaved hair, Jin Gaoyin’s condition is still as good as ever. Although it is not a traditional aesthetically big-eyed beauty, she is definitely a beauty with an atmosphere of temperament. Even though it is almost thirty years old, the cured smile and fair and clear skin make Ouni a high school student without any pressure.

However, skin problems such as fine lines, dullness, yellowing, and lack of elasticity can occur unconsciously. How can we maintain firm and elastic girl muscles? But getting beautiful is tricky. It is not useful to apply skin care products to your face. Let’s see how those beautiful girls do it.

1. Sun protection is also required in winter

Sunscreen can prevent old age. Although the ultraviolet rays are weaker in winter, there are still some, especially after the snow, because of the reflection, the ultraviolet rays will be stronger. In addition, the skin barrier is more likely to be damaged in winter, and more complex skin problems may occur after sunburn, such as redness, molting, and long spots. It is very important to do sun protection honestly.

2. The eyes also need sun protection

The skin around the eyes is thin, and it is susceptible to the lateral contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle, forming a dead spot for sun protection and more obvious aging problems. It is better to take care of the eye area when applying sunscreen. When you go out, you should wear wide sunglasses and a sun hat, and then bring a wide-edge sun umbrella.

3. Removal without makeup

There is a lot of talk about it: the skin will accumulate a lot of dirt on the pores after being stimulated by dust, sunlight, sunscreen, etc. for a whole day, so no matter makeup is not applied, makeup must be removed to thoroughly clean it. In fact, ordinary facial cleanser can effectively clean these dirty things. Excessive use of makeup remover products may damage the stratum corneum and damage the skin barrier.

4. Don’t be superstitious for deep cleaning

Our skin has a cycle of growth and aging. The aging cuticle will naturally fall off and achieve metabolism in its own way without the need for additional “deep cleansing”. Too often using deep cleansing products such as scrubs and tear-off masks will destroy the normal stratum corneum and damage the skin. Your face is not a skateboard shoe, no friction is needed.

5. Do not apply the mask every day

Frequent use of the mask makes the skin look fuller and shiny in the short term, but it destroys the skin’s own moisture gradient. The stratum corneum will not fall off and renew normally after absorbing a lot of water, which will eventually cause the stratum corneum to accumulate. Moreover, if the mask is applied too frequently, the synthesis of natural moisturizing factors in the skin will be reduced. After the moisture of the mask evaporates, the skin will become dry, peeling and sensitive. The mask can be applied occasionally, but to moisturize the skin, it is necessary to apply moisturizing cream and moisturizing milk in time after cleansing.

6. Apply body lotion after shower

After taking a bath, the moisture of the body’s skin will be reduced, especially in autumn and winter, the weather is cold, the skin will become drier due to the season, and it may peel off in severe cases. Applying body lotion at this time can not only prevent dry lines on the skin, but also nourish the skin and make the dry skin hydrated. Why do you want to paint after taking a bath? Very simple, because the pores are open after taking a bath, the nutrients of the body milk are most easily absorbed at this time, and the maximum effect can be achieved.

7. Facial cleanser is not as foamy as possible

The most suitable facial cleanser is not just cleansing power, the most important thing is skin quality. People with oily skin are more suitable to use a foamy facial cleanser, which is clean and comfortable. However, people with dry skin or sensitive skin do not have much oil to clean. Using foamy facial cleanser will cause excessive cleaning and make the skin tight and uncomfortable.

8. Don’t stay up late!

This is especially important. Good health! Go to bed before ten o’clock every day, staying up late will hurt your skin and make you aging easily. Adequate and effective sleep can at least give us a healthy body and a clear mind. In an era where time is constantly being occupied by technology, calm and sweet sleep is the most gentle patron saint of our body and mind.

9. Do not lick your lips

Don’t lick and dry your lips in winter. These actions will only double your lips. Choose a lip balm with moisturizing effect and single ingredient. Massage with fingertips and apply evenly from the peak of the lips to the corners of the lips.

10. Skin care products regardless of age

The criteria for choosing skin care products are not age but skin quality. For infants and children with sensitive muscles, it is necessary to choose skin care products without fragrances and preservatives, and people with acne muscles should choose non-acne-prone skin care products.

11. Neck also needs care

When applying a lotion cream, don’t forget to apply the neck, the neck lines are also easy to expose the age, so be sure to treat her well. These little knowledge of becoming beautiful is really very practical. It is never too late to start the matter of becoming beautiful.

8 myths of face-washing are damaging your face every day

Face washing is not only a matter of face, but also one of the most basic and critical steps in skin care. But this is something to do every day, many people have done wrong. Rub your face with a towel, alternating hot and cold water, and exfoliate frequently. Others say that washing your face alternately with cold and hot water can shrink your pores; washing your face with cold water in winter can tighten your skin. Is it familiar? In fact, these are wrong. If you wash your face in the wrong way, it is basically equivalent to “disfigurement”.

If your face turns oily, wrinkles, blackheads, red blood, acne, etc. will all run to you, and no matter how much expensive skin care products you apply later, your face will not be saved. Washing your face is the first step and the most critical step if you want to have good skin! Instead of spending a lot of time and money to go to the beauty salon for skin care, it is better to start by washing your face every day.

Myth 1: rub your face with a towel

It is a habit of many people to wet the towel and wipe it on the face. It seems that only in this way can the face be washed clean. But his face is not an elbow, and he can’t stand pulling and rubbing vigorously. Always rub your face with a towel, the skin will become thinner and more sensitive over time. In particular, the more prominent parts of the cheekbones may have tingling or even long spots. Similarly, tools such as face wash sponges, face brushes, and facial cleansers that cleanse your face by rubbing are best not used often.

Myth 2: Remove makeup every day without makeup

There is such a seemingly reasonable statement: After a whole day of stimulation by dust, sunlight, sunscreen, etc., the pores will accumulate a lot of dirty things, so no matter if you do not apply makeup, you must remove makeup to clean it thoroughly. Stop! Without makeup, you don’t need to remove makeup. Ordinary facial cleanser can effectively clean these dirty things. Many makeup removers are used with cotton pads. During the makeup remover, the skin is rubbed repeatedly, which may damage the stratum corneum and damage the skin barrier.

Myth 3: Alternating cold and hot water can shrink pores

There is also a seemingly reasonable statement: hot water can expand pores, cold water can shrink pores. Wash your face alternately with hot and cold water, you can wash more cleanly, and reduce pores. Stop! Alternating cold and hot water does make the skin look firmer temporarily, but the blood temperature is more affected by the blood vessels on the face. If you want to decontaminate pores, wash your face with superheated and cold water, but it will over stimulate the blood vessels, which is not good for the skin. Especially for people with sensitive skin, hot and cold stimulation is likely to increase the sensitivity of the skin.

Myth 4: Can cold water tighten skin in winter?

I don’t need to say this again, right? The principle is the same as above. Single out, I want to remind everyone that cold water in winter is almost equivalent to ice water, I suggest you not try it easily.

Myth 5: Washing water and vinegar can whiten and rejuvenate skin

There is also a seemingly reasonable statement: acid can promote the regeneration of skin cells. Washing your face with vinegar-added water has the effects of whitening and freckles. Stop! Some people do feel that their skin turns white and smooth after washing their face with white vinegar. This is because acetic acid has the effect of softening and removing some cuticles. but! Washing your face with vinegar-added water for a long time is likely to damage the skin barrier function. The skin becomes more and more sensitive, and itching, tingling, red blood, and peeling occur. In addition to vinegar, do not wipe any food such as milk, rice water, lemon juice and other foods.

Myth 6: The more facial cleanser foam, the better

I don’t know when to start. There is such a saying: the more foam the facial cleanser has, the stronger the cleaning ability. Buy the facial cleanser to buy a rich foam. Don’t buy it! Foamy facial cleansers do tend to be cleaner. But what facial cleanser is good is not just about cleansing power, the most important thing is skin quality. People with oily skin are more suitable to use a foamy facial cleanser, which is clean and comfortable. However, people with dry skin or sensitive skin do not have much oil to wash. Using foamy facial cleanser will cause excessive cleaning.

Myth 7: Rubbing with salt or sugar can remove blackheads

There is also a seemingly reasonable statement: using salt or sugar, rubbing massage on the nose, can rub out the blackheads. Stop! Salt and sugar, the particle size is not uniform, it is easy to scratch some tiny wounds during the process of rubbing the skin, frequent use will destroy the skin barrier, make the skin thinner and more sensitive, rubbing for a while, the skin damage is really very It hurts.

Myth 8: frequent “deep cleaning”

There is a saying: facial cleanser and water can only clean the surface, and only deep cleaning can really clean the deep pores. Stop! Our skin has a cycle of growth and aging, and the aging cuticle will naturally fall off. Most people’s skin is quite healthy and does not require so-called “deep cleansing”. If your skin is rough, you can do it once a week. If you use scrubs, peeling masks and other deep cleaning products too frequently, it will destroy the normal cuticle and damage the skin. Especially for people with dry skin and sensitive skin, if deep cleaning products are not used well, it is likely to ruin the face.

Face-washing is really exquisite, but it’s really not so complicated. You should do this: everyone loves beauty, but if you believe in unreliable claims, excessive pursuit of “washing” leads to skin damage, tingling, and rash. Skin and red blood are light. In case “friction friction” becomes sensitive skin, it is really too late to cry. If you want to have healthy skin, start by washing your face properly.

How to do good hand care

In special periods, in addition to wearing a mask, field hand washing and necessary alcohol disinfection are also necessary. However, when you wash your hands a lot, your hands are really dry, and alcohol spray will also speed up the drying of your hands. I feel that my delicate hands have been hurt, and the new manicure is not fragrant! So how to do good hand care?

The hand is the second face of a woman. No matter how beautiful the face is, you can’t ignore hand care. A pair of slim and well-maintained hands are standard for beautiful women. To keep our hands soft and tender, we can only rely on our own harder maintenance!

There are many reasons for rough hands, for example, disinfection with alcohol will make the skin dry and rough, or the cuticle is too thick to make the hands look black and thick; the last reason is that many people ignore the sun protection of the hands and the hands are often exposed Under ultraviolet light, it can also cause poor skin condition of the hands.

  1. Hand cleaning

Because the cuticles will cause rough hands and black hair, regular exfoliation is very important. The first is to pick up a pot of warm water and open the pores of both hands while at the same time playing the role of softening the keratin. Then dry it with a towel. In the future, you can choose an exfoliating mousse or scrub. The lactic acid and bamboo charcoal molecules can be rubbed out by massaging the hands. After washing, it is found that the skin will slip so much.

  1. Hand protection

After exfoliating, a certain amount of moisturizing care is required for the hands. Generally, there are two methods. The first is to apply a hand mask to the hands, which will make the essence absorb better. The second method is to carry a hand cream with you. The moisturizing factors in the hand cream will keep your hands smooth and tender. When you are dry, you can replenish the water in time. It is a moisturizing weapon for the skin of your hands.

  1. Beautiful hand exercises

Regular massage to the hands of Dad can reshape the lines of the hands, making the hands more slender and slender. Note that you must first apply a thick layer of hand cream on your hands to avoid damaging the surface skin of your hands during the massage. The first is to find the position of the tiger’s mouth of both hands, and use your thumb to press the tiger’s mouth of the other hand and the muscles under the hand. Then put your hands and fingers together in the opposite direction to feel the stretch between the hands and relax your hand muscles. The next step is to use the index finger and thumb to knead and massage the knuckles of each finger, and at the same time to match the depression at the root of the finger, also to perform kneading exercise, hands alternately, press 5 times at each position.

This action can stretch the sense of the fingers by massaging the knuckles, and at the same time make the hands feel more relaxed and comfortable, and relieve the fatigue and tension of the hands for a day. The last action is to hold the index finger and middle finger between the fingers of the other hand and continuously pull from the base of the finger to the tip of the finger. This action can effectively help to shape slim fingers and is a secret weapon to form a superior “manga hand” . The movement should be as slow as possible in order to avoid weakening the stretching effect due to hand cream.

In addition to such care, you must also apply sunscreen to your hands when you go out, so as to protect our hands in all directions, so that you can have a white and slender comic hand. The daily care of the hands does not take too long, but it can achieve unexpected results.

Four rules to keep in mind:

  1. Try not to keep your hands dry;
  2. Apply hand cream every morning and evening;
  3. Don’t pick your nails. This is a prerequisite for keeping your hands and nails healthy. You can massage your hands with hand cream when you have time.
  4. If the skin of the nail is lifted, you can apply Wei E capsules and massage it to moisturize the nails.

How to draw delicate eye makeup

Even if the eye makeup is not good, dare to call the queen, don’t be funny! The eye makeup that can make you a queen does not need to be painted, as long as you can learn a versatile eye makeup finale. In fact, exquisite eye makeup is not necessarily very complicated! Today, I will share with you some delicate and simple eye makeup that you can easily master. Let’s take a look how to draw delicate eye makeup.

Cute eye makeup series

  1. Use ivory-colored eye shadow as a base for the eyes.
  2. The head of the eye is smudged with golden pearl eyeshadow.
  3. Use pink pearlescent eyeshadow to smudge from the end of the eye to the middle of the eye, with a natural transition from golden eye shadow.
  4. Pink pearlescent eyeshadow is smudged on the end of the eye, and a small amount of pink eyeshadow is smudged on the end of the lower eyelid.
  5. Draw a thin, slightly raised brown eyeliner along the root of the upper lashes.
  6. Use a brown-red eyeliner to smudge a thin eyeliner on the brown eyelashes to strengthen the presence of the eyeliner. The lower eyeliner is also smudged with brown-red eye shadow.

Peach Blossom Girl Eye Makeup

  1. Use apricot eyeshadow as a primer on the upper eyelid.
  2. Half of the upper eyelid close to the inner corner of the eye is smudged with orange brown brown pearl eyeshadow.
  3. The second half of the upper eyelid is smudged with orange-red eye shadow, and the transition between the two colors of eye shadow in the middle should be natural.
  4. The lower eyelid is close to the root of the eyelashes and in the triangle area of ​​the lower eye tail is smudged with orange-red eye shadow.
  5. Use a black eyeliner to draw an eyeliner along the root of the upper eyelashes, and stretch the tail.
  6. Use brown eyeshadow to deepen the triangle area of ​​the lower eye.
  7. Then use brown eye shadow to deepen the deepest part of the eye socket in the first half of the upper eyelid to highlight the three-dimensional contour of the eye.
  8. curl up the eyelash curler, and finally apply mascara.

Ghost Horse series cute eye makeup

  1. First use the matte color eyeshadow in the eyeshadow to make the eye base, and the same on both sides under the brow, which can increase the three-dimensional sense of the face.
  2. Use brown eyeshadow with gold tone in the eyeshadow palette to smudge within the dotted line in the figure.
  3. Use the same eyeshadow on the bottom of the lower eye.
  4. Draw a drooping inner eyeliner with a brown eyeliner.
  5. Dark brown eyeshadow smudges in the <area at the end of the eye and elongates the eye shape.
  6. The lower end of the eye is also smudged with dark brown, blending with the color of the upper end.
  7. In the middle and front part of the upper eyelid, use pink gold pearlescent eyeshadow to brighten with zigzag.
  8. Brighten the middle and front part of the lower eyelid with pink gold eyeshadow, and use a small amount of matte brown eye shadow under the pink gold eyeshadow to create a sense of shadow and make the lying silkworm more visible.
  9. Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Delicate and versatile, a big eye makeup that every girl can’t miss.

Sexy series of eye makeup

  1. Use light brown eyeshadow to smudge the dotted line in the figure as a base.
  2. The lower eyelid is smudged from the head to the end of the eye with a light champagne eye shadow.
  3. Apply golden brown eyeshadow to the dotted line from the eye to the eye.
  4. Apply a small amount of brown eyeshadow to the bottom of the eyes.
  5. Apply rose-colored metallic pearlescent eyeshadow within the black dotted line at the end of the upper eye.
  6. Apply golden lying silkworm in the center of the lower eyelid.
  7. Apply an appropriate amount of shadow powder under the brows near the roots to enhance the three-dimensional effect.

Pure Series Eye Makeup

  1. Use nude eyeshadow on the upper eyelids as a base.
  2. Use a light gray-black eyeliner to draw an inner eyeliner along the upper eyelid and stretch the eyeliner at the end of the eye.
  3. The upper and lower eyes are smudged with light brown pearlescent eyeshadow.
  4. Use a black eyeliner to draw a thinner eyeliner along the root of the upper eyelashes, without stretching the end of the eye, and draw a shorter eyeliner on the lower eyelid.
  5. Use a light gray-black eyeliner to gently draw a shadow under the lying silkworm to make the lying silkworm look more three-dimensional.
  6. The lying silkworm is brightened with light brown pearlescent eye shadow.
  7. Use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelash curler in three stages, and then apply a thin layer of mascara to the upper eyelashes.

High-end series eye makeup

  1. Use nude eye shadow to make a large area on the upper and lower eyelids.
  2. Follow the contour of the deepest part of the eye socket with light brown eye shadow on the upper eyelid, and the lower eyelid with the light brown eye shadow.
  3. Deepen the upper and lower eyelids with dark brown pearl eyeshadows.
  4. Use apricot pearlescent eyeshadow to brighten the first half of the eyes and upper eyelids. When using apricot pearlescent eyeshadow, leave a light brown eye shadow around the outer ring, so that the eyes have a more three-dimensional sense.
  5. Use black eyeliner to draw an eyeliner along the upper lashes, thicken and curl the end of the eye, and draw a “>” shaped eyeliner at the inner corner of the eye.
  6. curl the eyelash curler up, and then apply black mascara.

Have you learned the most popular eye makeup among the stars? Remember, clean makeup is the key to all makeup! With a charming eye makeup, it is definitely feminine.