How to protect your skin from the sun

The weather is getting hot recently, do you want to go out and stroll? In addition to wearing a mask, you must pay special attention to the sunscreen when you go out to play. Women who use expensive cosmetics such as anti-aging essence and anti-wrinkle cream but are too lazy to apply sunscreen are actually wasting money. It is useless to apply more skin care products without sunscreen.

After the sun’s ultraviolet rays, basically the cause of skin problems has its credit! Including acne, wrinkles, redness, tingling, roughness, etc. In all the skin problems you can see in daily life, you can see the shadow of ultraviolet light, the invincible destroyer. It can use its inhuman lethality to skin cells to destroy all good skin.

In fact, the biggest harm of ultraviolet rays to the skin is to make the skin aging, and the most important purpose of sunscreen is to prevent skin aging. At the same time sunscreen can help us better whitening, anti-aging, anti-acne, repair and soothing. Doing sun protection can have unexpected gains, but without sun protection, using skin care products is also a waste.

If your skin has problems with enlarged pores, increased fine lines, dry lines, and dull yellowing, it is likely that you have not done a good job in sun protection, so again, be sure to apply sunscreen all year round.

In fact, although most people have begun to understand the importance of sunscreen, they haven’t figured out what is the key point of sunscreen, so they always have the feeling of “doing useless work”: after spending a lot of money, they are still getting tanned. The basic reason is that sunscreen is not as simple as applying sunscreen or using spray. You need to find the right method according to the principle of sunscreen, so that even the strongest ultraviolet rays can’t damage your skin.

Three methods of sun protection:

  1. Avoid: Avoid being exposed to the sun
  2. Block: Physical occlusion
  3. Cream: sunscreen

The core is that if you want to avoid tanning / aging, it is best to avoid getting sunburned! If you can’t avoid being exposed to the sun, you can try to use something to block it. You can’t rely on sunscreen alone to solve the problem. Exposure to the sun for a long time, there will always be a problem.

Avoid being exposed to the sun

Avoid going out during the peak UVB period (10 am to 4 pm), which can effectively reduce the possibility of being tanned. UVB is the medium-wave ultraviolet that most affects melanin production. If you must go out during this time, try to walk in a cool place. Of course, sunbathing is not recommended.

If you need to carry out long-term outdoor activities (especially snow, plateau, desert, seaside), you must use high-intensity sunscreen. Because ultraviolet light can be reflected by sand, concrete, and snow, the reflected ultraviolet light increases the total exposure. If you do not use high-strength sunscreen products at this time, you will be sunburned even if you are hiding in the shadows.

Physical occlusion

Good physical occlusion can effectively isolate most of the light. In most cases, it is recommended that you wear a hat, scarf / veil, sunglasses, and sun umbrella. The hat is best to choose a fisherman hat with a large eaves. The larger the shadow area, the better. And the 360 ​​° eaves can also protect the cheeks and the back of the head. The best choice for sunglasses is the toad lens, which is the one with a larger lens area. It is best to cover the position of the lower eyelid. Because the skin here is relatively thin, it is also more prone to noticeable photoaging after sun exposure.


The first thing to remember is that even if you use sunscreen, it must be physically blocked, and the two cannot be replaced by each other. Secondly, when choosing sunscreen products, pay attention to two indicators: SPF value and PA value. Many people know that picking sunscreen products depends on the SPF value. The SPF value represents the ability of sunscreen products to block UVB UVB, and UVB can cause sunburn and tanning on the surface of the skin. In addition, it is not that the sun has ultraviolet rays. Even if it is cloudy or raining, ultraviolet rays are still very strong. Including indoors, ultraviolet light can also shine on your skin through the glass.

So, don’t be so stupid that you don’t need to apply sunscreen on cloudy days. Sunscreen is applied all year round, everyday!

Sunscreen is the last step in skin care and the first step in makeup. In other words, after the basic water, essence, eye cream, lotion, you can apply sunscreen. If it is chemical sunscreen, it is recommended to apply makeup after 5 minutes of sunscreen. Because chemical sunscreens have relatively small molecules, they are easily absorbed by cosmetics. If they are physical sunscreens, don’t worry about this.

Many girls may feel that the sunscreen is greasy and do not want to apply more, but if the amount of sunscreen is not enough, the sunscreen effect cannot be achieved. The correct dosage should be the size of a dollar coin, evenly applied to the face, you can use a little more on the cheeks, because ultraviolet light easily stimulates the growth of spots. The sunscreen is not effective as soon as it is applied, it requires a certain film-forming time. Only when the moisture of the sunscreen evaporates can a protective film be formed to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. The suggestion is to apply it half an hour before going out. If you don’t want to be tanned, get up early. If it is a long outdoor activity, it should be reapplied every 2-3 hours.

What should to do to avoid makeup loss in summer

The summer weather is hot, and the little sweat beads can’t stop when you go out. You get up early and spend an hour or two to put on your makeup. When you go out, you instantly become a “big face” because of sweating. So, what should we do in the summer so that we don’t lose makeup due to sweating?

Base makeup: Make sure the foundation is compatible with the makeup or makeup ingredients

A big reason for easy makeup removal is because your foundation is not compatible with the ingredients of makeup makeup or skin care products, which is also a problem that people often overlook. For example, when you use a silicon-containing foundation, the skin care product or makeup lotion you use is oily, and silicon and oil are not compatible, so the foundation cannot be attached to the face. For the same reason, it is not advisable to use a water-based foundation with oily skin care products. Therefore, when buying and using foundation and makeup foundation, it is best to understand its composition in depth, or choose the same brand and series of makeup foundation and foundation to use.

Do the makeup work for the base makeup

You can set your makeup once after finishing the makeup. You can use a brush to set makeup or a puff. However, using a powder puff can better press loose powder on the skin and lock the foundation. When pressing, don’t rub back and forth, but push a little harder and roll again.

In addition to the techniques, I recommend two really effective methods of setting makeup:

Sandwich makeup

Simply put, it is to change the order of the base makeup. Generally speaking, the powder is used in the final makeup step, and the sandwich makeup method is to put the powder through the base makeup step. After the pre-makeup maintenance, first sweep a layer of powder on the entire face, then complete the follow-up makeup steps, and finally apply the powder, and press the makeup to complete the makeup. This method is more suitable for people with oily skin. If the skin is too dry, the phenomenon of card grain and powder will appear in the subsequent makeup process.

Baking makeup

The baking and setting method is just a metaphor. It refers to applying a large amount of loose powder to the oily place on the face after applying the makeup, and let it stand for 5-10 minutes to allow the loose powder to contact the skin’s own temperature. The moment is the so-called “baking makeup”.

  1. Dip the loose powder with beauty egg.
  2. Press the loose powder on the face where the oil is easy to get out.
  3. Leave it for 5 minutes, you will feel the skin tightening and the powder is being absorbed. This process can be used to draw eyebrows or to do other things.
  4. Finally, use a brush to remove excess loose powder, and then proceed to the next makeup step.


  1. If your skin is dry, you should do moisturizing work before using the above two methods of setting makeup, use loose powder that is not too oil-controlling;
  2. The amount of loose powder used in the baking and setting method is up to you, try a few more times;
  3. The makeup effect formed by the two methods above is matte skin, not suitable for girls who prefer water light skin and “more oil and more beautiful”.

So many sisters have learned how to set makeup? I hope you all can find the right way to set your makeup and get rid of the oily face as soon as possible!

7 reasons and solutions for a woman’s dark complexion

The waxy complexion makes the woman look like an old woman with malnutrition. Not only is she rejected, but she feels less confident. Learn these and make yourself look better!

Yellow skin caused by food

Carrots, squash, orange juice, water spinach, cabbage, mango and other vegetables and fruits are rich in carotene. Excessive intake will cause carotene, which is easy to cause yellowing of the skin. The most obvious are palms and soles. Followed by the face, behind the ears, severe cases can involve the skin of the whole body.


It is advisable to eat foods that strengthen the spleen, stomach and blood. If you have enough blood, your complexion will look rosy, and your skin will look radiant. If you do n’t have enough energy, your skin will lose its rosy color. It became dull and dull. Therefore, select some foods rich in minerals such as japonica rice, glutinous rice, millet, yellow rice, barley, oatmeal, etc. to supplement gas; foods rich in iron and polysaccharides such as purple rice and black rice have good blood-enriching effects.

Poor blood circulation causes yellowing of the skin

The liver directly affects the blood vessels. Liver fire or liver qi stagnation easily form qi and blood impediment, affecting the blood circulation of the face, and the skin is naturally dull and dull.


Whitening massage is simple and practical. A facial massage lasting 5 minutes twice a week can promote blood circulation and give you a natural and balanced healthy complexion. Massage can be done sooner or later. First apply massage cream to the face (cheeks, forehead, nose, jaw), and then start massage after fully adapting.

Yellowing of the skin caused by greasy sebum

The greasy, old keratin and dirt accumulated on the skin surface will cause yellowing of the skin if not removed in time.


Wash your face and face with warm water 2-3 times a day, use neutral or alkaline soap or facial cleanser to remove excess oil on the skin surface, remove clogging polymer in pores, and allow sebum to be discharged normally. Choose your own cosmetics, not oily and modified cosmetics.

Yellowing of the skin caused by accumulation of pigment

Pigments are not effectively removed, and long-term accumulation causes skin yellowing.


Tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, fresh rose petals in appropriate amounts, washed and pressed together to extract juice, then add honey and drink at any time. Tomatoes and cucumbers are rich in vitamin C and glutathione (a peptide composed of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine), which is important for activating certain biological enzymes in the body and for the biological redox process. Function), lemon is rich in citric acid, often drink this juice can promote skin metabolism, eliminate pigmentation, make the skin become delicate and tender.

Ultraviolet radiation causes yellowing of the skin

Ultraviolet rays are the main killer of skin aging. If the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, some melanin will appear. It will make the texture chaotic, the blood circulation is poor, and melanin accumulates, making the skin dark yellow.


Wash 10 grams of ginseng, choose 25 grams of white fungus after rinsing, wash and peel. Eggs are cooked and peeled. The three flavors are put in water and simmered for 2 hours. After cooling, transfer to honey and eat. Ginseng and Tremella contain a variety of nutrients such as amino acids, vitamin C, and saponins. Regular consumption can promote smooth capillaries under the skin, inhibit pigmentation, and make the complexion white and tender.

Dark face caused by staying up late

10 pm to 3 am is the period of detoxification of the human body. If there is no good rest during this period, the toxins are not discharged normally, it will make the face dark yellow.


Whitening mask works well at night. Between 10:00 and 3:00 at night is the best time for the body to detoxify the lymph. Toxins throughout the body are metabolized at this time, and the skin is no exception. It is best to sleep soundly during this time. If you want to stay up late and do not sleep, your face will be gray. After 22 o’clock in the evening, you who have gradually quieted down, the skin at night has strong self-regulating ability, automatically removes melanin, and performs anti-oxidation. At this time, whitening products are used to assist, whitening moisturizing ingredients are easy to absorb and effectively remove dull pigment.

Dark face caused by excessive pressure

All kinds of stress in work and life will make people feel restless, and skin will have various problems, and even their faces will become dull and dull. At this time, they must adjust their work and life pressures.


Choose a place with fresh air, quiet surroundings, soft light, undisturbed and free movement, take a posture that you feel more comfortable with, stand, sit or lie down. Move some of the large joints and muscles of the body. The speed should be even and slow when doing it. The movement does not need to have a certain format. As long as you feel the joints are released, the muscles will relax. Take a deep breath, inhale slowly, and then exhale slowly, meditation “relax” in your mind whenever you exhale. Relax and enjoy.