Create Japanese makeup

The big watery eyes of a Japanese girl make you envious if you look at it? In fact, you can have it too. If you want to try it, you can take a look at the content I teach you below. I will show you how to draw good science. Fresh Japanese makeup.

The latest Japanese makeup

If you want to draw an innocent makeup on your face, you must prepare a few points. Big eyes, high nose, bangs, coupled with innocent small expressions, are the biggest features of Japanese makeup. Next, let’s elaborate on the characteristics of Japanese cosmetics.

One: clean makeup

Japanese makeup is fresh and natural, which is what we often say. The focus is on the original decorative surface, retaining the original features.

Two: natural eyebrows

How important is eyebrows in makeup? Everyone knows that Japanese makeup pays much attention to the “hair feel” of the eyebrows, which means that the eyebrow hair should be clean and have a fluffy feel, which is very natural. Asians have a shallower eye contour, which is suitable for soft eyebrows, without emphasizing eyebrows and lines.

Three: natural blush and repair ability

Europeans and Americans like to apply thick repair and blush under the cheekbones, which is related to their deeper bones and their aesthetic preference for diamond-shaped faces. Asians prefer oval face, because our eye sockets and face are flat, and smooth face is more suitable, so Asians are more suitable for imminent repair and blush, this position is more suitable for apple muscle. Don’t be afraid of too much blush, the point is to apply it completely, so that the rosy cheeks will be red from the inside out. In addition, the shadow and repair ability of the nose is naturally invisible to the naked eye.

Four: cosmetics

Make the makeup surface moisturized without leaving the highlights, but unlike Europeans and Americans who apply golden highlights on the cheekbones, the pearl-like highlights lightly sweep the tibia, nose and chin. After highlighting, the hair is combed very cleanly, making the whole person look bright.

Six: painting lips

Matte lipstick and moisturizing lipstick are really painted too much, even moisturizing lipstick does not make expressions, won the matte lipstick, the expression is vivid, the lips are shiny, like dew on the petals, cute! And the whole Japanese makeup is the simplest The method is to learn lip makeup. There is no trick at all. As long as the moisturizing lipstick is applied, the technical difficulty is about zero.

All in all, the difficulty of Japanese makeup is too low, as long as you can hold the makeup tools firmly and don’t shake your hands, the difficulty of basically completing a Japanese makeup is not big at all.