Correct use steps of repairing cream

There are many types of makeup products with different functions, and the repair cream is a beauty product used to conceal facial spots and acne marks, suitable for skin with facial blemishes. Many female friends who are new to makeup are not sure when to use the repair cream? How to use the corrective cream? Let’s take a look.

Correct use steps of repairing cream

The repair cream is applied after the initial care of the face. It is an important step to modify the skin tone and cover the blemishes. Because the concealing effect of general foundation is not particularly good, if you apply foundation without using the repair cream, the skin blemishes will be more obvious. The use of repair cream can further correct the complexion and create flawless skin.

The role of repair cream

The beauty cream itself has colors, common purple, green, etc. Although we often call it “purple barrier” and “green barrier”, it can’t be used as a base cream. It has colored particles in itself, which can correct skin tone. Therefore, it can further correct the skin tone and create a three-dimensional feeling. For people with different skin colors, you can choose products of different colors. This can help many beauty lovers to create exquisite makeup, make the skin tone more uniform, and become makeup. The products that need to be used in, help beautiful women to create delicate makeup.

The difference between repair cream and isolation cream

The repairing cream can modify the skin tone and repair the local defects on your skin. It can cover and lighten the spots, such as acne marks, spots, yellowish skin or no blood, and make the skin look better. The barrier cream generally has an SPF standard value, which can be used for sun protection, has the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays and external radiation, is used to protect the skin tissue, and some have a whitening effect. If there is no sun protection value, it can only play the role of isolating makeup.

The order of use of repair cream and sunscreen

First repair the cream, then sunscreen. The primer can create a perfect skin tone and even skin undertones. Using sunscreen again can play a protective effect on the skin and avoid UV damage, causing sunburn, tanning, skin aging, stains and other problems.