Cool white hair color recommendation

I believe that many people will tangled their hair color when dyeing their hair. In fact, choosing the right hair color is really important, and sometimes it has the effect of changing your head.

Today, I will tell you what are the cool and white hair colors?

Cool color hair color recommendation

Haze blue

Haze blue is a mixture of blue and gray. The overall saturation is low, revealing a cold and rusty atmosphere. The overall fashion is full, can be salty or sweet, and the super fairy is also super textured, which is very eye-catching among the crowd.

Thin vine gray purple

Gray-purple is a fairer color, and it is more tolerant for wearing styles. Whether it is casual or temperament, it can be held. It is especially suitable for soft and waxy sisters. It is super sweet and has a touch of gentleness.

Cool brown

Cool brown is a color that basically can’t go wrong, low-key, cool and more temperament, suitable for student parties and office workers. The texture of the hair is also better, and the classic hair color is completely OK without makeup.

Linen blonde

The color is lighter, not only a trendy personality, but also a very western style, a hairstyle with perfect fashion. Sisters with a slightly better complexion can make your whole person glow with this hair color. The hair color is bright and super eye-catching. Paired with slightly curly hair is simply beautiful.

Aoki Ash

Lisa is the same green wood gray, with a little green in the gray tone. It is very high-end and textured, very fashionable, natural and white and tender. For novices, this hair color is not picky, and children’s shoes who want to change hair color can all be tried.


Everyone should know that light-colored trendy hair colors need to be bleached, and the durability is weaker than other hair colors.

You need to be more careful in daily maintenance, and you can choose hair care products that are dyed and repaired and fixed. Otherwise you will get a hair like withered grass.