Clothes to the beach

In a blink of an eye, the cold winter has passed, and we are welcoming a hot summer! Everyone’s dressing style has gradually changed from keeping warm to pretty! If you say, where is the most comfortable place in summer, it is undoubtedly all kinds of watersides, just to usher in the summer vacation, most people will choose to spend their holidays by the sea! For the little fairy, taking pictures is essential! But we all know that dressing and matching is very important when taking pictures at the beach! Only the right clothes can have the best effect~ This article introduces to you what clothes to wear to the beach to take pictures, to help solve everyone’s doubts, hurry up and refer to it.

Doll skirt (recommended color: white, yellow)

If your style is a little cute, then the doll skirt is undoubtedly the best choice, it is very unsuitable to pass some tights on the beach! Instead, you should choose some relatively loose dresses, and cotton doll skirts will give people a very comfortable feeling. And white and yellow are more eye-catching colors, such a combination simply comes with BGM! The most important thing is that these two colors are relatively refreshing ~ with some props, such as flowers or coconut. Let you be the most dazzling existence in the crowd!

Bohemian dress (recommended colors: red, orange)

If your style is hotter, then the bohemian dress is something you can’t miss! Bohemian long skirts are generally more sexy, and the bohemian materials are generally made of gauze, which can rise as soon as the wind blows, but because of the bold clan style. It will not feel very immortal, but will give people a hot feeling! With some bright colors, orange or red, to cater to the theme of summer, this hot feeling, in sharp contrast with the blue of the sea, is simply the most eye-catching existence of the crowd, I don’t want to be eye-catching. It’s hard!

Swimwear (recommended color: any color)

For a little fairy who goes to the beach to play, how can she lack a swimsuit? No matter what style you are, you should choose a suitable swimsuit. If you are bolder, you can choose a sexy bikini. If you are relatively conservative, you can put a white shirt on the outside of your swimsuit. The feeling of inadequacy is the most sultry! And the elements of the swimsuit and the sea are the best fit, cool and beautiful! The effect of the shot is also very good, it is a choice that the little fairy must not miss.

The effects of these clothes are very good when taken by the beach. However, when the clothes are selected, it is very important to take pictures with the correct posture. When taking pictures, you must pay attention to nature. Never be too artificial, only natural. Sexual photos can bid farewell to tourist photos!