Can I dye my hair directly after bleaching

For some girls who love beauty, they like to bleach their hair very much. After bleaching their hair, they become more youthful and temperamental. Can I wash my hair with shampoo after bleaching? Let’s give you a detailed answer to this question today, let’s take a look.

Can I wash my hair with shampoo after bleaching

After rinsing the hair, it can be washed with shampoo, and after washing the hair with shampoo, the hair becomes much smoother, and there is no dryness and frizziness, and there is no discomfort on the scalp. , So everyone can use it with confidence.

Why does my hair become hard after bleaching?

The reason why the hair becomes particularly hard after bleaching is because the hair is damaged, so at this time, you should take some care of the hair, so that the hair can become particularly soft, so that it will not become hard. Moreover, the durability is relatively long, and it is not easy to cause the hair to fade.

Can I dye my hair directly after bleaching

The hair can be dyed directly after bleaching. The coloring is also very easy. It does not cause any damage to the scalp. The durability is also relatively long. The dyed color is also very normal, not dark or light, and the color is also special. It’s beautiful, so everyone can do it with confidence.

How to care for hair after bleaching

  1. You can use conditioner or essence when washing your hair. This way, it will also have a good care effect on the hair.
  2. After washing your hair, don’t rub your hair with your hands vigorously. The movements should be gentle.
  3. You can eat more seaweed food, which will help to improve our hair, and this hair will become more smooth and shiny.