Boys striped T-shirts with super personality and fashion

Striped T-shirts can not only bring a refreshing and clean visual effect, but can also reflect different styles when matched with different styles of clothes. Below, we will bring you guys striped T-shirts with ultra-personal and fashionable matching pictures. If you like, come quickly. Let’s see.

  1. Contrasting color striped T-shirt + white cropped pants

This color-blocking striped T-shirt, I personally like it very much. The color-blocking striped T-shirt is a combination of yellow and black. The upper body is very youthful and sunny, and the lower body is neat and stylish with the white cropped pants. The fusion of the collocations can make the whole set of collocation demonstrations present a fashionable and western feeling, and set off the super-personal atmosphere of summer boys.

  1. Contrasting color striped T-shirt + denim shorts

It is also a T-shirt style with a contrasting stripe design, but this contrast color uses a combination of green and black. The two dark colors are blended together. The loose and casual version can be combined with the denim shorts below. The unique fashion effect will make you look more fashionable, highlighting the look of the street sportsman.

  1. Contrasting color striped T-shirt + black plaid shorts

To be a summer temperament man, you must consider the key points of fashion and refreshment in collocation. The tops like the above group of tops are also striped T-shirts designed with contrasting colors. The simple and casual version can be interpreted with the black plaid shorts on the lower body. Full of sunny, sporty breath and fashionable youthful visual effects, the overall outfit can also highlight the fashionable and ultra-personal fashion style of boys.

  1. Contrasting color striped T-shirt + white casual pants

Casual trousers are also one of the must-have clothing items for boys. The simple white casual trousers are designed to close the feet, and the striped T-shirts that contrast with the tops can create a super-personal and casual style in summer. It is full of casual atmosphere without losing the sense of youthful fashion, especially suitable for boys who like street casual style.

  1. Green striped T-shirt + black stitching casual pants

Why do people wear striped T-shirts so stylish, but you look rustic when you wear them? In fact, it’s not because you don’t know how to match it. The top is a green striped T-shirt. The color alone looks youthful and lively. Then it can be combined with the black stitching casual pants below to make the whole group look good. It looks richer, and the two loose styles at the same time can create the effect of a super-personal and lazy summer style.

  1. Contrasting color striped T-shirt + black casual pants

The color-contrasting striped T-shirt can be said to be unique in the single product of the T-shirt, and the color-contrasting design is not so easy to have the chance of hitting the shirt, so if you want your own style, it will definitely not be wrong to choose it. The combination of striped T-shirts and black casual pants on the lower body can naturally create a sense of sunshine, youth and personality. Black + stripes can also reveal the bright spots of young boys’ age reduction fashion.