Basic and simple style of men’s clothing matching and sharing

Wearing and learning clothing collocation is not just as simple as just buying one and putting it on your body, but also a general understanding of the collocation. In this issue, I will share a few basic and simple styles of men’s collocation with you. I hope Everyone will like it.

  1. Plaid straight-leg casual pants + white short sleeves

Unique and British-style plaid casual pants. The straight version is combined with the loose white short sleeves of the top. The contrast between color and style gives a strong visual impact. The combination of modern and classic elements makes it look neat. The collocation of the group clothes is very full, and the youthful and simple vitality of boys is more vividly displayed.

  1. Black short sleeve + white wide leg pants

Black + white is the most basic combination item to wear. For example, the above group is the classic black and white main tone. The top is a casual style of black short sleeves, and the lower body is white wide-leg pants, which is super daily and neat. The clothing collocation can also evoke the casual and unruly boys atmosphere, and it is also a super versatile set of combination demonstrations.

  1. Denim casual pants + striped short sleeves

Jeans are the most basic items in our daily life. The lower body is classic jeans. The casual and loose version is matched with the striped short sleeves of the top to show the sunny and lively temperament of boys. The upper and lower body are also classic collocation items. Combination, putting on the upper body can make you more fashionable and trendy, simple and not pretentious.

  1. White short sleeve + black casual pants

It is also a simple dressing demonstration based on a combination of black and white basic colors. The top is white with short sleeves, and some colors are added to the body to enrich the monotony of the body. The lower body is pure black casual pants. The overall matching demonstration is simple, without any The sense of chaos, the color tone is also very harmonious, the primary and secondary are very clear.

05.Gray short sleeve + khaki shorts

Boys wear basic and simple styles, only need to use common simple and classic items to create a stylish look at will, gray short sleeves, minimalist clothes without any excessive design, lower body The collocation of khaki-colored shorts can do a good job of matching and adding color, and the style is simple but stylish and casual.

  1. White short sleeve + jeans

No matter when the basic simple style is not out of date, it is very malleable. Whether it is for work or daily life, in fact, basic and simple dressing demonstrations are very practical, and many people can afford it. White simple tops, casual clothes The jeans on the body and the lower body are set against each other. I believe that a simple combination of styles can more easily satisfy your understanding of the trend.