Bad emotions will ruin your good skin

Anxiety will not only make us restless, we can’t devote ourselves to and enjoy everything, but also make our hormones disorder and cause some diseases.

In fact, it’s not just anxiety, those bad emotions can make us ugly, and anxiety is no exception.


It can cause DNA damage to skin cells, thereby accelerating cell death and aging, reducing the water content of the epidermis, impairing the barrier function, reducing ceramide, and causing wrinkles and peeling.

Long-term stress and mental stress will release a large amount of adrenaline, norepinephrine, etc., produce free radicals, release allergic factor cells, and cause itching, rash and other allergic phenomena.


Each of our skin has sebaceous glands under the tiny pores, and the sebaceous glands are surrounded by nerve endings. When we face stress and tension, the autonomic nerves will force the adrenal glands to stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete oil, and excessive oil secretion will bring about blackheads and pores. Coarse and so on.


Depression will make people forget about thirst. Not drinking water will slow down the metabolism and gradually put the body in a state of chronic dehydration. Of course, it is impossible for the skin to be moisturized and fair.


Anxiety stimulates the body’s nervous system more intensely, which can instantly collapse the skin, cause endocrine disorders, disrupt the skin’s water and oil balance, and deepen melanin, and even form chloasma, making your whole person look oily and black.


Can cause insomnia. If things go on like this, not only will there be dark circles and enlarged pores, but also a forehead acne.

pissed off

Excessive secretion of human sebaceous glands makes the sebaceous glands occluded, leading to skin inflammation, and it is easy to form sebaceous cysts and common acne. If you don’t care properly, you may leave scars and form stubborn acne.

According to many experiments, 80% of skin problems are inseparable from bad emotions. Therefore, if you don’t adjust your emotions well, buying skin care products no matter how good or expensive is no good!