A light makeup tutorial for novices

During this time, the weather has become hotter and hotter, the sun is strong, and it is easy to sweat after 5 minutes of walking, which is really difficult. Dark earth-colored eyeshadows and gorgeous red lips. Such a rich makeup does not match this season. After thinking about it again and again, I still feel that clear and natural makeup is the dominant one.

The natural and non-pretentious “oxygen makeup” can be said to go well with this weather. Many people worry about natural and clear makeup, and the upper face will look pale, so it is better not to wear makeup. I want to say this: as long as the technique is in place, the complexion will go immediately.

During this period of time, I have been watching the video of beauty blogger Bew Varaporn. The base makeup looks particularly light and thin, with a dash of blush, the whole person looks very youthful and vigorous. I want to share with you today, this simple and beautiful “oxygen makeup”.

The soul of oxygen makeup is the light and translucent base makeup, so you can’t be lazy before applying makeup. Before the foundation, you can superimpose the use of the makeup primer for the effect of base touch up.

Here is a reminder that you must wait for it to be absorbed by the skin after applying the makeup primer, and then continue to apply makeup, otherwise the phenomenon of rubbing mud may occur. For the foundation part, try to choose the color number that is close to the neck. The effect will be more natural.

There are no blemishes on the face, and the skin condition is better. You can choose products such as air cushions to create a “breathing” oxygen muscle.

In order to make the makeup more clear, when using the air cushion, use the foundation to take the powder and gently press it on the face, don’t rub it back and forth, just a few times. If the blemishes on the face are more obvious, you can follow up with concealer products, and also pay attention to applying a small amount multiple times. After finishing the base makeup, don’t forget to set the makeup.

Because fixed makeup will make the makeup look cleaner and fresher, and the makeup will last longer. Especially recently, the temperature has gradually increased, and the makeup will change into a small painted face within minutes after oily and sweating. Loose powder or pressed powder are good makeup products. Use a brush to take the powder and swipe it on your face.

If you like to use a powder puff, it is recommended to use a pressing technique, focusing on the t-zone, cheeks, and other places where you like to get oily to make makeup more durable. For oxygen makeup, you don’t need to be overly gorgeous. Simplifying the steps can make your eyes look more natural and energetic.

Eyebrows are the soul of the entire makeup, a small change can change the overall visual effect. The eye makeup and lip makeup are exquisite, and the eyebrows are still weird and very unsightly! The raised eyebrows are also slightly sharper, or the natural wild eyebrows can bring affinity, make the facial features look softer, and the whole person appears very pollution-free.

The eyebrow drawing tutorial is attached. It is recommended that you first find the position of the brow, the brow peak and the end of the eyebrow when drawing the eyebrows.

The eyebrow is about the extension line from the nose to the inner corner of the eye. The peak of the eyebrow extends from the middle of the nose to the pupil, and the end of the eyebrow extends from the alar of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. I also sorted out a small tip: Deepening the lower edge of the eyebrow can enhance the three-dimensional eyebrow. sense.

Before drawing the eyebrows, it is recommended that you prepare an eyebrow comb, follow the shape of the eyebrows, and comb the hair smoothly, and you can clean up some extra hair. According to your own eyebrow shape, use the eyebrow pencil to outline the outline.

Finally, use eyebrow powder to fill in color. Delicate girls can also use eyebrow pencils to draw on the eyebrows to create a distinct effect. If you dye your hair, remember to use eyebrow cream to even out the color, otherwise the pink hair and black eyebrows will make the picture so beautiful. Dare not look.

The light eyeshadow combined with the curling and long eyelashes, the feeling of innocence made my heart fall. The eyeshadow should be mainly light-colored, and the color saturation should not be too high, so that the effect will be more clean and transparent.

Use your fingertips or a fluffy spreading brush, and take a light yellow to spread the eyelids as a primer to make the follow-up eye makeup more durable. Then use a smaller eye shadow brush to apply light pink to smudge the folds of the double eyelids to slightly deepen the contours. Pay attention to small amounts and several times, otherwise it will easily lead to a car accident.

Just to shine brightly, use your fingertips to take a little pearlescent color and superimpose it on the center of the eyelids. Every time you lift your eyes and lower your eyes, it is beautiful. Brown eyeshadow is not suitable to appear on the eyelids, but it is very good as an eyeshadow. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to take dark brown and draw eyeliner close to the roots of the eyelashes. The eyes will instantly become bigger and more energetic.

In order to have a finishing effect, you can use brightening colors to embellish the eyes, creating a watery and affectionate big eye effect. Eyeliner can make the eyes more energetic, which is great. To make the eyes look big and gentle, you can choose innocent eyeliner. Gently fill in the roots of the eyelashes with an eyeliner.

Be careful not to draw the white mucous membrane part. Draw a line flatly, drawing it a little more than the end of the eye, don’t lift it up. In addition, the color of the eyeliner, try to choose dark brown, because the eyeshadow part is lighter, dark brown will be softer and will not look fierce.

Regarding the choice of eyeliner, if the little fairy who is just learning to draw eyeliner will inevitably shake her hands, it is recommended to use eyeliner gel. After being proficient, you can use liquid eyeliner pen to draw smoother eyeliner easily. There are also many girls who are lazy and skip applying mascara, and just pinch the eyelashes. In fact, mascara is a powerful tool for enlarging the eyes. A good mascara brush can’t run away.

Mascara can be slender and curled, brushing from the root of the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes in a Z shape, so that the brushed eyelashes are long and warped, with distinct roots. If you always brush out the fly leg eyelashes, it may be that the mascara has been applied too much. You can wipe off some of the mascara at the mouth of the bottle, or wipe it with paper first. Try a few more times to get the ideal eyelashes.

I find that the oxygen makeup that is popular these days all like to create a natural gloss. The light watery feeling will make the skin look better, the light pink is like a good complexion from the skin, and the face is like a peach blossom! Different makeup blushes have different painting methods. Oxygen makeup blushes use a circular painting method. Keep your eyes down, on the position of the apple muscles, and blend them in a circle.

The round blush doesn’t pick the shape of the face. It looks good when you put it on. The apple muscle will feel bang after painting, which is very suitable for fresh and vital makeup. For the color, you can choose orange or pink, and for the texture, you can use liquid blush to make it more shiny.

You can also use a slightly pearlescent powder blush, and gently sweep your cheeks with a brush. There is a big difference between oxygen makeup lip makeup and Korean lip biting makeup. In terms of color, oxygen makeup chooses the same color as eye shadow, or a color close to it, so that the makeup color is uniform and softer.

Choose a moist and shiny texture, which will brighten your complexion. If you like to be fresh and translucent, you can choose a glass lip glaze. Dip it with a lip brush and apply it to the inside of the lips. First use your fingers to tap the color, and then use the edge of the lips to smudge. The fuzzy edges will give people a gentle feeling.