7 tips to help you create the perfect makeup

The perfect makeup look is not determined by the price of cosmetics, but by rich experience in makeup. Today’s beginner makeup tutorial Barberry Beauty Makeup, Mr. Cui, will share a few makeup tips with you to help you create the perfect base makeup. Easily have beautiful makeup.

Use light-colored foundation around the eyes

The skin color around the eyes is easier to dull, especially the dark circles of MMs who are not well-rested. If you use the same shade of foundation as your face, the skin tone will still not look even and translucent, which will naturally make people look depressed. Therefore, it is recommended to use a lighter size powder or loose powder around the eyes after the base makeup, not only can make the skin tone look even, but also brighten the eyes.

Pearlescent powder makes skin smooth

In addition to brightening the main function of the pearl powder, it can also make the skin glow with natural luster and make the skin look even and delicate. If you have oily skin, it is recommended that you apply a thin layer of pearlescent powder on the skin before using the foundation, and then use the foundation to make the skin glow with natural luster and never feel shiny. If you have dry or combination skin, you can use pearlescent loose powder in the last step of the foundation, and lightly brush it over the entire cheeks, so that the face is covered with a faint glow.

Use loose powder before foundation

Who says loose powder can only be used in the last step of makeup? Experienced makeup experts will apply a thin layer of loose powder on the skin before foundation. The light and delicate powder can firmly hold the liquid foundation afterwards, allowing the foundation to fit tightly on the skin, and Can better cover pores. The best thing is, if you like matte texture, this method can also make the base makeup show a matte effect.

Evenly powder with paint

After the makeup is finished, use a clean large powder brush, in order from inside to outside on the cheeks, brush each part back and forth several times, this will make the skin appear smooth. Especially after you use the powder foundation, the texture of the powder foundation is not as fine and moisturized as the liquid foundation, and the powder can smooth the graininess of the powder foundation.

Cream for zero pores

In addition to protecting the skin, the barrier cream also has skin-smoothing ingredients that can smooth the pores. When applying, in order to achieve a more compliant effect, gently push from the inside out, that is, in the direction of the pores.

Tap your fingers to put on the most docile makeup

When using liquid foundation, it is recommended that you pat on the makeup with the belly of your fingers. The warmth of your fingers can make the liquid foundation fit the skin more and make the liquid foundation and the skin better integrate. It should be noted that the slap should not be too strong, which will burden the skin and easily make the skin red due to sensitivity.

Apply foundation when the skin is slightly wet

Before applying makeup, apply lotion twice. After applying the second layer of lotion, and when the skin is still slightly moist, apply liquid foundation. Not only is it better to put on makeup, the liquid foundation combined with the emulsion can better fit the skin. Make the makeup look very natural.