7 must-learn formulas to wear, hold the look for a whole year!

For exquisite girls who are at the forefront of trends, fashion needs to be 800 miles per hour faster than others!

So, today I will talk about my favorite and most practical ins blogger universal wear formula!

Formula 1, short top + high waist pants

What kind of fairy collocation can not only hide the shortcomings of wide hips and thick legs, but also lengthen the body proportions? The answer is “short shirt + high waist pants”.

White exposed skin tops, ins bloggers often use high-waisted jeans to create a double waistline effect, plus a pair of flat shoes, it is comfortable and thin to wear in summer!

Formula 2, short top + half skirt

Tired of wearing a dress? You can try the “split skirt”.

The shoulders have beautiful lines, direct off-the-shoulder top + half skirt. Wearing a white miniskirt is sexy and cool. Change to a floral, polka-dot skirt, sweet and sexy.

Short top + half skirt + white shoes/Mule shoes, the effect of age reduction is up, the key is comfort, you will not feel pain in your feet no matter how much you walk!

Formula 3. Short coat + dress

The most fashionable combination of the “kings” in the change of seasons is the “short coat + dress”. Cool denims, jackets, and gentle dresses, the combination of mother and man, modern and versatile!

If you want to wear more casually, some flat shoes/sports shoes can give you this kind of feeling.

Compared to denim jackets and pie boss, I love the soft knitted cardigan. With some floral skirts, you can reduce the tackiness.

Formula 4. Shirt + pencil pants

Pencil pants are versatile and show long legs, and they are basically a must-have item for girls with well-proportioned legs.

Melbourne blogger Jessica alizzi is very fond of this combination. Remember to tuck one side of the shirt into the pencil pants, first reveal the waistline, and second “hide” the waist flesh.

When a shirt and pencil trousers are the perfect partner, the most fashionable thing is not shoes. A pair of comfortable low-heeled shoes can bring refreshing summer feeling.

The pie boss likes the first shoe very much. The pointed design + sexy kitten heel shows the ankle, which is very chic.

Formula 5, tea break skirt + woven bag

What do ins bloggers like to wear in summer? “Tea break skirt + woven bag” will definitely make a c-bit debut.

The V neckline shows the face and the small neck is long, the high waist line shows the thin waist, and it can also cover the legs or belly fat. The tea break dress is a popular item of “who wears who is beautiful”!

The most important thing is that it does not limit shoes. In addition to sandals, thick mid-heels, cat-heel shoes, and fisherman shoes are also completely easy to hold.

Formula 6, suit + white shoes

Deng Deng Deng, finally talked about the hottest item this year-the small suit!

A suit does not necessarily require high heels. A pair of white shoes can not only break the seriousness of a suit, but also create a casual workplace style.

The traditional black, white and gray suit is calm and unassuming, and it is not easy to wear color. At this time, using a pair of white shoes to match it can easily light up the whole look.

The bright colors give the suit a little more sense of excitement, and the white shoes just can weaken the color collision, without too heavy and sweet.

Formula 7, dress + white shoes

It’s 9102, is a dress and high heels a perfect match? Obviously white shoes and dresses are the best match!

Some leopard prints, prints, laminated dresses and other complex designs, + white shoes reduce visual fatigue and resolve procrastination.

The sling dress + white shoes, which is cool and sexy, has a romantic holiday style.