5 mistakes in applying eye cream, How to use eye cream correctly

If you say which part of the face looks the most old, it must be the eyes. Eyes are our most frequently used facial features. It is also the most prone to problems. Once the corners of the eyes have fine lines, they will look a lot older, so many beauty-loving girls will start to use eye care around the age of 20 to keep the eyes young and firm. Among them, the most popular is eye cream.

However, it is a pity that many girls know how to use eye cream to protect their eyes, but they don’t know how to use eye cream correctly. It is often like applying lipstick, and it’s all done. As everyone knows, this will not only cost money, but will not see the effect. In severe cases, it will accelerate the birth of eye lines, eye bags, dark circles, and fat particles. Today, let’s take a look at the 5 mistakes in applying eye cream.

Regardless of age and skin type

Eye creams are also divided into refreshing and moisturizing. Some moisturizing eye creams are highly nutritious, such as anti-aging eye creams, and some girls’ papers are mixed with mother’s eye creams, which is a big mistake. Eye cream must be based on age and skin type, as well as the problems that need to be improved on the eye, to choose the eye cream that suits you.

Apply eye cream to areas with fine lines

The areas where the eyes are prone to sagging are the upper eyelids and the areas under the eyes. If only the fine lines are applied, the other areas will not be moisturized, and the eye problems will become more and more serious. No matter how expensive eye cream is used, it will not work. What does it do. Therefore, it is best to use a simple technique when using eye cream, apply it to the entire eye, and massage until it absorbs the best!

Only apply eye cream at night

In fact, it is very important to apply eye cream in the morning. For example, if you don’t drink water after you wake up in the morning, and drink water before going to bed at night, will your body have problems? of course. The eye is the same. It is very tired after a day. You need to moisturize, hydrate and nutrition after getting up. This not only prevents eye problems, but also improves them after they occur. Therefore, if you only apply eye cream at night, your eye problems will be more serious than those who apply eye cream in the morning and evening!

Use face cream instead of eye cream

The eye skin is only 1/3 thinner than the facial skin, and the glands are distributed the least, because the molecules to be used are the smallest. This is why eye creams are always the most expensive in a set of skin care series because the requirements are really high. If you use facial cream instead, the eyes will not be absorbed, not only can’t solve the eye problems, but also a lot of fat particles will grow, which is even uglier. Therefore, it must be used separately.

No need a bottle of eye cream

Eye cream is not a “magic pill”, and it is mainly used to prevent and moisturize the eye area. It is used when no fine lines are visible. Nowadays, many people have poor sleeping habits, serious air pollution, such a long time in front of mobile phones and computers every day, and serious eye fatigue. Therefore, eye care should be emphasized. Some girls have younger eye problems, and the eye problems are not serious, thinking that they can effectively prevent them after using up one bottle. In fact, prevention is a long-term process. It cannot be said that if you are full after a meal, you will not be hungry in the future, right? Therefore, the eye cream must be used consistently!

When applying eye cream, you can apply a little with your ring finger and apply it evenly on the eyes. You can massage the eye acupoints during the application process to prevent eye fatigue, which is also very helpful for absorption! Why use the ring finger? Because the strength of the ring finger is most suitable for the eyes, it is most suitable for the thin-skinned eyes. Finally, you can rub your hands to heat, and then cover your eyes. The temperature of your hands has a good effect on alleviating fatigue and improving eyesight. It can also promote the absorption of eye cream.