10 bad skincare habits that make you ugly

Habits become natural, so does skin care. We wash and moisturize our face every day, and some people often put on makeup. But, are the skin care methods you always implemented correctly? For the sake of your “face”, take a look at the following examples, check in and make urgent corrections. Don’t let the skin get worse and worse in the misunderstanding of beauty.

  1. Wash your face with a shower while bathing

Many people have done this before. Washing your face with a shower has two disadvantages. The first is that high water temperature during bathing will cause capillary dilation, which can easily lead to redness of the skin. Washing your face with hot water makes it easier to wash off the oils naturally secreted by the human body and destroy the natural protective layer of the face. After washing the face, it is easier to become tight and dry, that is, to wash yourself into sensitive skin. The second is that the water pressure from the shower is too high. Drops of water can go through the stone, not to mention that so many small drops of water hit your face at once, causing more or less damage to the skin. It’s mainly because of the accumulation of days and months, and one day it will suddenly give you a one-time blow. Therefore, to get rid of this habit, we can lower the temperature of the water and then wash our face with water.

  1. Like to pat face and water vigorously

Everyone thinks that the louder the shot, the more it will be absorbed and the more worth the money? Actually it is not. How much skin care products can absorb depends on its formula. You will only accelerate the evaporation of skin care products, not absorption. Long-term pats will loosen the face, and it will also affect the skin barrier. Whether it’s applying essence or water, just pat and press on your face. Be gentle with your face.

  1. Love rubbing eyes

Many people have dark circles and tear ditch deeper and deeper. In addition to the irresistible factor of staying up late, I especially love rubbing my eyes. The skin becomes thinner and thinner, the blood vessels become more obvious, and the skin becomes looser. Big tear grooves and dark circles are becoming more and more obvious.

  1. Skin care only apply to the face and not the neck

Many people may not really have this awareness, such as the problem of neck wrinkles. In addition to innate, neck wrinkles that appear after birth are generally caused by improper care. In fact, the neck is more fragile than the face. Sometimes it can be red after scratching it, and it takes a long time to recover. The neck also needs careful care. The easiest way is to apply the anti-aging essence on the face and neck together during skin care. In this way, you don’t even need to buy a neck cream. Prevention is always the most reliable. Except for the neck, everyone should insist on applying body lotion to avoid trouble. Especially those with dry skin and chicken skin, apply a fruit acid body lotion will definitely see changes.

  1. Don’t wear sunscreen without sun

I told you about this a long time ago, but many people don’t understand it. The easiest way is to find a sunny day and a cloudy day to compare and check the UV coefficient. Sometimes the UV coefficient may be 5 on a sunny day, and 8 or 9 on a cloudy day, so it is not accurate to see if there is the sun today. To whiten and resist aging, the first step must be sunscreen. Just like many people buy a lot of anti-aging products, but do not wear sunscreen during the day, it is a waste of money, and the products are not effective.

  1. Excessive cleaning

Cleansing is the most common and frequent skin care step, but it is also the step that hurts the skin the most. Improper cleansing methods can easily damage the barrier function of the skin, causing problems such as sensitivity, dryness, and acne. Cleansing is inevitable, but rough cleansing and excessive cleansing must be avoided. It mainly refers to the cleansing power of the cleansing product is too strong, or the amount is too much. The cleansing time is too long, or the cleansing agent is used too many times a day. The cleansing technique is rough. The combination of hot water and cleanser is also very unfriendly to the skin.

  1. Oily skin without cream

Many fairies with oily skin say that their faces are already very oily, so they don’t need creams in this case. Because it will make the face look oilier, even very uncomfortable, in fact oily skin also needs moisturizing. Choose a more moisturizing cream, so that it will not feel greasy, but also has a good moisturizing effect.

  1. Let the cleanser foam directly on the face

The correct way to wash your face is to wet your face, pour the cleansing cream on your palm, knead the foam, and massage it with your fingertips along the corners of your mouth towards the corners of your eyes. The forehead is moved from the center of the eyebrows to the temples, gently rubbing from the bottom to the top and from the inside to the outside. It should be noted that the chin should be moved from right to left, and the bridge of the nose should be gently rubbed from top to bottom. Then rinse with warm water or wipe with a warm damp towel.

  1. Frequent replacement of skin care products

The skin renewal cycle is generally 28 days, and there is an adaptation period for the product. If you change cosmetics frequently, allergies can occur. Not only will it be ineffective for a long time, it will make the skin fragile and accelerate aging. To judge whether a product has a good effect, you must insist on using it for at least three months.

  1. Wait until wrinkles appear before using anti-aging products

It is not too early to use anti-aging products. If you are in your 20s, this is the perfect time to use anti-wrinkle and anti-aging serum. Prevention is the key. Don’t wait for problems to appear before fixing them.